Intermediary Purchasing from the Producer of the Product

Sell Steps: Sell steps include the activities Intermediary customers take in selling and delivering the product to their customers. These activities include their own customer recruitment and product delivery.

1. Physical: Segment customers by physical needs. These segmentations identify the physical needs of individual customers and address the physical situation of the location where the product is purchased or used.

Physical state of the location where the product is purchased or used

No. SIC Year Note
1 2111 1992 RJR produced smaller packages of many of its products to cater to convenience outlets and drugstores.
2 3575 1993 HP won an award for its DeskJet Portable. The DeskJet was crammed into a package half the size of other printers, with clean, flat sides that make the printer easy to pack.
3 3692 1987 Rayovac has gained a bigger foothold by developing packaging innovations. Rayovac introduced multi-packs of 6 or 8 batteries, which allow retailers to display more batteries in less space.
4 4813 2003 Sonus's voice-over-Internet-protocol technology chops up voice transmissions into digital packets and routes hundreds of calls simultaneously through the same port. Instead of carrying the telephone call over a dedicated line, each digitized packet seeks out the most efficient route over multiple lines. The packets are then reassembled at the destination point. The result is that fewer telephone ports are needed to direct calls, resulting in less equipment to service and smaller real-estate needs. Sonus says its equipment typically takes up about one-fifth of the floor space of traditional switches. The digital transmissions also create more available bandwidth on the telephone network. In addition, by transmitting calls digitally using Internet protocol, telephone carriers can more easily offer advanced services, such as video conferencing.

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