Other Parts of Culture

A Final customer buying from an intermediary of the product The Final customer is the one who makes the final decision on what product to buy and from which supplier to buy it. Most consumer products, and many industrial products, reach Final customers through Intermediaries.

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the purchase of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed to identify and evaluate Intermediaries and travel to the Intermediary location.

2. Emotional:

A. Needs for comfort and status
2. Status in the community
a. Need for affiliation: Find segments of customers who wish to identify with a particular group in the society. They want to be a part of a group that has:
3. A particular tie to an aspect of culture
b. Other parts of culture




1 5942 2004 Joseph-Beth tries to distinguish itself from the national chains by emphasizing local roots. Its Lexington store carries about 1,000 books about Kentucky and books written by Kentucky authors.
2 5942 1998 The Avid Reader, a small bookstore, has been forced to innovate due to superstore competition. Its strategy is to emphasize its local roots, increase visibility, and improve customer service.
3 6022 2001 While most banks are merging and becoming international giants, First Federal Bank of CA is choosing to stay local in L.A. It doesn't even have a website yet, despite the trend towards online banking and voice mail services.