Countering Falling Prices with StrategyStreet

Our Experience in Pricing: Over 35 years of pricing work in tough industries

Don Potter has been a consultant to senior managements of substantial companies since 1973. For eleven of those years, he was with the international consulting firm of McKinsey & Company. He was a partner with McKinsey & Company, and served both domestic and international companies from the firm's San Francisco and Amsterdam offices. For several years, Don continued advising senior managements of both domestic and foreign concerns while heading Windermere Associates. Don's principal work today focuses on developing the concepts and examples behind StrategyStreet.

The work Don has undertaken has encompassed many different types of industry environments, for example:

  • Capital intensive: Wood products, oil, chemicals, equipment rental, lodging, newsprint, coated paper

  • Labor intensive: Insurance, investment banking, airframe manufacturing, wholesaling, direct consumer sales, trucking

  • High growth: Electronics, financial services, legal services, semiconductor test equipment, personal computers, wireless communications

  • Low growth: Metal fabrication, manufacturing equipment, food processing, industrial equipment, food service, residential roofing, gypsum, quick service restaurants, retail banking

  • Industries under profit pressure: Airline, heavy construction, dredging, agricultural equipment, building products, truck manufacturing, wholesale banking

  • High profit industries: Pharmaceuticals, oil exploration and development, investment banking, executive recruiting, financial transaction processing, disposable diaper, credit card, commercial printing

  • Deregulating: Commercial banking, health care, trucking, airline

  • Government protected: Various European industries, military components

Prior to starting his consulting career, Don worked for several years as a financial executive with the Exxon Corporation. He was based in both New York and London with Exxon, and worked primarily on issues of corporate financial policy.

Don's educational background includes a MBA from Harvard Business School, where he graduated as a Baker Scholar, an award granted to 5 percent of the graduating class. He is also a
magna cum laude graduate in Arts and Letters from the University of Notre Dame.