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Overall Introduction

In the mid-80s, there were many industries, worldwide, that faced overcapacity. Overcapacity brought intense price competition and poor returns on investment, even for the leaders in the industry. We called these industries “Hostile.” These industries offered a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of how industries evolve into, and out of, very difficult times. We began to study these industries intensively.

This study brought two benefits that these videos present on StrategyStreet:

  • Frameworks: Our study included industries and businesses as diverse as disposable diapers, semiconductor test equipment, building materials, and airlines. In order to identify patterns, we had to establish frameworks that would enable us to look at any market, and any company within a market, in terms comparable from one industry to another. These are the frameworks that our videos present.
  • Patterns: The thorough analyses of these industries also revealed patterns in the evolution of an industry into and out of Hostile times. These patterns can inform an analysis of virtually any industry at any stage of its evolution.

We have organized these videos into four subjects: Segments, Products and Services, Pricing, and Costs.

Segments Videos

Provide advice on segmenting customers by the size of their potential relationships with you and on finding the most likely sources of new sales volume.

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Products and Services Videos

Help you retain your best customers and develop successful product innovations.

Products and Services Videos »

Pricing Videos

Help you predict the direction of margins for your industry and then set prices that would enable you to gain market share and improve returns. They also help you counter low-end competitors.

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Costs Videos

Suggest new ways to measure and manage your cost structure. They help improve current productivity and build better economies of scale.

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