Overall Introduction

The Audio Tips are one of the Tools on StrategyStreet.  We prepared them for our subscribers who prefer to learn by listening. Each Audio Tip is a description of a pattern in business. We organize these Audio Tips around the four activities that StrategyStreet supports:

  • Segmenting customers
  • Developing new products and services
  • Developing a pricing policy
  • Managing the cost structure

Each Audio Tip lasts from one to two minutes. Each appears in the context of a Basic Strategy Guide step or in a subject discussion on the Advanced Site.

The themes for the Audio Tips in each activity are as follows:

Segments Audio Tips

Objective: Find target customers and their needs


  • The size of a customer relationship
  • Volatility in the market
  • Weakness of competitors
  • Target segments and customers
  • The physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the target customers

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Products and Services Audio Tips

Objective: Develop improvements in the Company’s product offering


  • Avoiding Negative Volatility
  • Understanding customer costs
  • Using innovation to save customers’ costs
  • Developing new products and services by adding knowledge, reducing resources or improving experience

Products and Services Audio Tips >>

Pricing Audio Tips

Objective: Set price for each target customer relationship


  • Forecasting direction of future prices
  • Determining Company pricing objectives and plans
  • Using the components of the price to change the pricing level

Pricing Audio Tips >>

Costs Audio Tips

Objective: Develop a cost structure to a produce good return on investment


Costs Audio Tips >>

THE SOURCES FOR STRATEGYSTREET.COM: For over 30 years we observed the evolution of more than 100 industries, many hostile.  We put their facts into frameworks applicable to all industries and found patterns. describes the inductive results of these thousands of observations and their patterns.