Overall Introduction

The Audio Tips are one of the Tools on StrategyStreet.  We prepared them for our subscribers who prefer to learn by listening. Each Audio Tip is a description of a pattern in business. We organize these Audio Tips around the four activities that StrategyStreet supports:

  • Segmenting customers
  • Developing new products and services
  • Developing a pricing policy
  • Managing the cost structure

Each Audio Tip lasts from one to two minutes. Each appears in the context of a Basic Strategy Guide step or in a subject discussion on the Advanced Site.

The themes for the Audio Tips in each activity are as follows:

Segments Audio Tips

Objective: Find target customers and their needs


  • The size of a customer relationship
  • Volatility in the market
  • Weakness of competitors
  • Target segments and customers
  • The physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the target customers

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Products and Services Audio Tips

Objective: Develop improvements in the Company’s product offering


  • Avoiding Negative Volatility
  • Understanding customer costs
  • Using innovation to save customers’ costs
  • Developing new products and services by adding knowledge, reducing resources or improving experience

Products and Services Audio Tips >>

Pricing Audio Tips

Objective: Set price for each target customer relationship


  • Forecasting direction of future prices
  • Determining Company pricing objectives and plans
  • Using the components of the price to change the pricing level

Pricing Audio Tips >>

Costs Audio Tips

Objective: Develop a cost structure to a produce good return on investment


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