SIC Finder

Some sections of StrategyStreet deal with industry-specific information. The SEC requires each publicly traded company to report business segment information for any business line of the company that makes up 10 percent or more of the company’s sales. These business segments are reported by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, and we use these SIC codes to organize our information. Therefore, you will need to know your company’s SIC code. You can find this information on your company’s tax return or with our SIC Finder.

Select the division that best describes your business:

Division A:

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting

Division B:
Metal Mining, Coal Mining, Oil/Gas Extraction, Quarrying of Minerals

Division C:
Building Construction/Contractors, Special Trade

Division D:

Division E:

Transportation, Communications, Utilities Services

Division F:
Wholesale Trade

Division G:
Retail Trade

Division H:

Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Division I:
Services (Personal, Business, Health, etc.)

Division J:
Government and Public Administration