We have written over 250 blogs to illustrate that you can observe our StrategyStreet system and guidelines in action in every market and environment.  We have placed each of these blogs into one or more of the four StrategyStreet decision categories: segments, products and services, pricing and costs. Read a few of these blogs to see how well the StrategyStreet system works with limited information. 

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How well does our system work? You can use the numerical index to check our blogs from the last big recession.

Much of the world suffered a severe recession from 2008 to 2011.  During that time, we wrote more than 250 blogs using publicly available information and our Strategystreet system to project what would happen in various companies and industries who were living in those hostile environments.  In 2022, we began to update each of these blogs to see what later took place and to check the quality of our conclusions. To date, we have completed the first 175 of our original blogs.  You can use these updated blogs to see how well the Strategystreet system works.


THE SOURCES FOR STRATEGYSTREET.COM: For over 30 years we observed the evolution of more than 100 industries, many hostile.  We put their facts into frameworks applicable to all industries and found patterns. describes the inductive results of these thousands of observations and their patterns.