Products and Services

This section is intended solely to help you to diagnose the products and services your business offers and to save you time and cost in gaining a good understanding of your business situation.

Once you have completed this section, your next step would be to move to the Improve Products and Services section.

Throughout the text, you will find links to information that offer further insight on the topic. The green links are glossary pop-up boxes. In addition, at the end of each section, you will find questions and links to analyses that will guide you through your diagnosis.



Part 1: Customer Decisions on Benefits

Part 2: Innovation for Customer Cost Reduction

Part 3: Ability of Competition to Copy

Part 4: Priorities

This section sets the stage for new ideas for product and service innovation. Your next step is to turn to the Improve Products and Services section to begin developing new products and services for your target customer segments.

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