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Our Experience in Pricing: Articles on Pricing

Over the years, we have written more than twenty articles on Pricing, including:

The Leader's Trap

Being the market share leader should be an advantage. But leadership also has its dangers. Many times, in a range of industries, leaders have allowed themselves to be trapped.

The Lessons AT&T Holds for Industry Leaders

When a strong industry leader is in a Leader's Trap
, the industry may stay relatively attractive for the follower companies. However, once the leader gives up its Leader's Trap pricing, the industry has a very different future.

The New Pricing Structure

The structures of industry prices are fundamentally different in hostile and non-hostile markets.

The Price Segment

The price segment
is not nearly as attractive as many assume.

Success Under Fire: Policies to Prosper in Hostile Times

A hostile market
evolves through six predictable phases. Most companies fail, withdraw or become acquisitions before this evolution is complete. They fail because their management policies were not effective. The few who survive and prosper do so by making decisions that follow two rules: attract customers and discourage competition. Losers lose by not following the second rule.

Turmoil Below: Confronting Low-End Competition

There are four major types of competitor who offer your customers low prices. Each of them have distinct weaknesses. Your response to them depends on your answer to several tests that you would apply to your market and your competition.