Examples of Medium Customers

Examples of Medium Customers

Medium Customers purchase about
15% of the market volume.

Example 1: Frito-Lay is going after regional snack food makers' customers. "In the past we were too big and stodgy to worry about going after these local opportunities."
(Year 1992-SIC 2096)

Explanation: Local retail outlets, previously served by regional snack food makers, have become a target of Frito-Lay, which is attracted by the higher profitability of these Medium and Small Customers.

Example 2:Preferring small market segments that promise fat margins, Quantum and other high-end disk drive companies refuse to chase high volumes and rock-bottom production costs. Instead, they spread business across many customers and several channels.
(Year 1985-SIC 3572)

Explanation: These disk drive companies are seeking the Medium Customers in the industry that are largely ignored by the high volume larger competitors.

Example 3:One former executive noted that Freightliner's truck manufacturing foundation was built on the small fleets and owner/operators.
(Year 1985)

Explanation: Small fleets are Medium Customers in this market. Owner-operators are Small Customers.

Example 4: Wal-Mart is testing the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in four Arkansas towns. The supermarket-drugstores will be less than one-quarter the size of its regular stores, many of which are nearly the size of four football fields.
(Year 1998-SIC 5331)

Explanation: Wal-Mart normally serves Large and Very Large Customers by concentrating its regular stores in geographic areas with high population density. This new concept seeks to serve Medium Customers (i.e. medium-sized geographic areas) with stores one-quarter the size of the regular store.