Activity Two (Steps 13-18):
Develop new products and services to gain share with Core customer segments.

Step 17: Develop a program for new products and services and confirm its value for customers.


Use current customer costs related to today’s products and services to develop potential new products and services to meet core customer needs more cost effectively. To get a quick overview of approaches to meeting customer needs, please see our Perspective, “Patterns of Product and Service Innovation.” Conduct this step by finding innovations in product and services:


No market stands still for long. It is important that the Company correct its short-comings in order to avoid all forms of Negative Volatility. At the same time, the Company will inevitably fall behind its marketplace peers unless it develops new benefits for its Core customers.

What to Watch For:

  • The key customer for your innovation evaluation is one of the largest Core customers you serve. An innovation that does not help this customer will produce little sales volume.

  • The more comprehensive your understanding of the Core customer’s cost, the more effective the innovation program.

  • Developing and Stable industries with high prices see many successful innovations for the Final customer. In Hostile industries, the majority of innovations will often be directed to the Intermediary customer, if there is one.

  • In developing product and service innovations for Core customers, place particular emphasis on the areas of highest cost to the customer. Improvements in these areas are likely to offer the most benefit for the customers, provided the Company can offer the innovation at a reasonable price to the customer.

  • The Core customer should clearly see that the innovation saves costs in his system..


Develop a set of potential product and service innovations. Use the outlines and examples in Improve/Products and Services to create these ideas both comprehensively and creatively.

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See Improve Products and Services for many innovation ideas and examples

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