Improve Your Ability to Develop Successful Products and Services

StrategyStreet helps you create more successful product innovations. These techniques apply to consumer, commercial and service products. This product innovation process yields many ideas for new product innovation with high probability of gaining market share.

PROBLEMS calling for better product innovation:
SOLUTION: New Products and Services
  • Identify the customer cost system where product innovation helps
    • Type of customer: Will the product innovation help this customer?
    • Physical costs and savings: Does the product innovation save enough cost?
    • Price Points: Can you innovate by creating a new product price point?
    • Low-end competition: How does your product innovation counter low-end competition?
  • Innovate your products for customer cost reduction
    • Add knowledge: Can your innovation increase the speed of information transfer?
    • Reduce resources: Could the innovation reduce the money, time, effort or health resources the customer uses?
    • Improve experience: Could you innovate to improve the customer’s experience with the product?
    • Avoid competitor duplication: Are your product innovations likely to make you unique?
HOW: We suggest you follow Four Steps

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