Show Me Videos for the Basic Strategy Guide

In our previous newsletter, we announced the new “Show Me” videos to help you use StrategyStreet more efficiently. We have now extended these “Show Me” videos into the thirty steps of the Basic Strategy Guide.

The “Show Me” video for each step in the Basic Strategy Guide will provide you with the following help:

  • An explanation of the objective of the step

  • What the step does

  • Why you need the step

  • The result or decision you should expect at the conclusion of the step

  • Where to find more explanation on the step and its analyses

  • How to use the Audio Tips and the Videos embedded in the step

  • Where to find the Tests that you may use to check your understanding of the concepts in the step

  • How to use the Worksheet that explains in detail the analyses to do in each step

  • Where to go after the conclusion of the step

These videos last about five minutes. Each should give you a good overview of the step and how to complete it.