Costs: Brainstorming Ideas to Reduce the Rate You Pay for Input Costs

Here's What's New on StrategyStreet

We have upgraded the Improve/Cost Management section of StrategyStreet, where we provide brainstorming ideas to help you reduce your costs.

Specifically, we have streamlined our ideas and added many new examples in the first method of improving productivity. This first method reduces the rate of cost for the Input used to produce the Output.

In this new outline, we describe the major approaches to reducing the rate of cost:

  • Purchase in larger quantities

  • Reduce the quality of the Input

  • Change the components of the rate of costs

  • Use subsidies offered by third parties

  • Request the supplier to lower the price of the Input

  • Change the source of supply to a less expensive supplier

  • Expand in-house Intermediate Cost Drivers

This new brainstorming outline offers many more concepts and examples than our previous version.

We hope you find these new brainstorming ideas of help in managing your costs. Use the navigation bar to visit the Improve/Costs/Brainstorming Ideas section of the site.

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