Addition of Short Form Customer Segmentation Brainstorming Ideas

Here's What's New on StrategyStreet

We have placed a shorter set of customer segmentation ideas on StrategyStreet.

As you may recall, over the last twenty years, we have developed a large database on product and service innovation ideas. We used this database to develop approaches to segmentation. We did this by asking what segment would be interested in purchasing each innovation. The result was an entirely new approach to customer segmentation by need.

We concluded that all needs came back to an individual human being. The segmentation, at its highest level, segments customers by their physical, emotional and intellectual needs. As with our product and service innovation ideas, these three major characteristics breakdown into much finer detail.

We decided that the current set of segmentation brainstorming ideas, with 400 separate concepts, might be too cumbersome for an average brainstorming session. So we reduced the detail of the concepts and created a “short” form of the brainstorming ideas. The new “short” form contains fewer concepts and supporting examples but is faster to use. We suggest using the “short” form in your initial brainstorming and then the “long” form for high potential segmentation.

Our subscribers will be able to use both the “long” and “short” forms of the brainstorming ideas to discover new segments among their Core customers. These new segments are prime candidates for product and service innovations. You will find these innovation ideas and the explanation on how to use them in the Improve/Segments section of StrategyStreet.

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