“Show Me” Videos on the Home Page

We have been busy developing improvements to StrategyStreet. One of these improvements is the creation of what we call “Show Me” videos on the home page and in the body of StrategyStreet itself.

The new home page videos come in response to a number of comments from our users over the last couple of years. Some of our visitors have been confused on how to go about using the StrategyStreet functions efficiently. Some of you have asked us to create a clear pathway through our four most important activities of segmenting customers, developing products and services, setting prices and developing a new cost structure.

The new home pages and its “Show Me” videos should create much clearer pathways for you to use. The new, larger, buttons on the home page are links which direct you to specific steps to take to complete each of the major activities of StrategyStreet. The “Show Me” videos included within each of these four buttons explain the steps in the pathway for the activity.

We are adding these “Show Me” videos to the body of StrategyStreet as well. The initial “Show Me” videos appear in the Activities of the Basic Strategy Guide. There is a new “Show Me” video for each Basic Strategy Guide Activity. The “Show Me” videos for each Activity describe the objective of each Activity, and then offer a brief description of each of the Basic Strategy Guide Steps included in the Activity.

In a short period of time, we expect to have new “Show Me” videos for each Step in the Basic Strategy Guide as well.


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