The StrategyStreet Process

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Board of Directors

Question 8: How will the company exploit industry prices to gain share and increase profitability?

Basic Strategy Guide

Step 22: Change the pricing process according to the direction of industry prices
Step 23: Adjust the level of price by targeting price-based segments with the four components of price

Advanced Site

Diagnose Pricing: Pricing Process

* Diagnose Pricing: Frequency of Price Changes

* Diagnose Pricing: Amount of Movement

* Diagnose Pricing: Non-Price Benefits to the Company

* Diagnose Pricing: Level of Application

Diagnose Pricing: Price Segments and Components

* Diagnose Pricing: Segments to Receive the New Price

* Diagnose Pricing: Components of Price Used to Target the Chosen Segments

Improve Pricing: Develop More Effective Pricing

Improve Pricing: Directions to Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins

Improve Pricing: Raise Price Innovation Ideas

Improve Pricing: Directions to Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins

Improve Pricing: Reduce Price Innovation Ideas