The purpose of the
Diagnose section of
StrategyStreet is to help you gain a deep and practical understanding of your business and your industry. Learn the critical questions to ask, the type of information you need, and what that information is telling you. Reviewing the recommended analyses and articles will help you gain deeper insight and new perspectives on the current situation facing your business and industry.

In our Diagnose Segments section, you will learn how segment your customer market and evaluate your relationship with each customer group. Estimate the value of relationships with potential customers and define the sources of your future share growth in the market.

In Diagnose Products and Services, you will begin by comparing your products and services with those of your competitors. A series of analyses will help you define the steps you must take to correct problems with your existing products, identify ways of reducing customer costs in future products, assess the ability of your competitors to copy potential innovations, and decide how to prioritize your innovation opportunities.

Diagnose Pricing helps you work through one of the most complex exercises your company will undertake: diagnosing its current pricing in the market. Here, you will review demand, capacity, and past price history to forecast the price outlook your company might expect in the coming years. You will also examine current and potential components that may be part of your company's price and review the organizational process you currently use to reach actual transaction prices.

The Diagnose Costs section is designed to assist you in isolating the parts of your company where cost-reduction efforts are appropriate. You will learn how to read both external and internal measures of performance to pinpoint these areas, preparatory to identifying pertinent measures for improvement.