The purpose of the
“Improve the Business section of StrategyStreet is to use the insight you developed in diagnosing your business and industry situation to develop practical steps to improve your sales, market share, and profitability compared to your competitors.

Our approach in each part of the Improve section of the site is to offer you an outline of how to improve in each part of the business. We support each outline with many examples we have drawn over the years from other industries. Each example lists its industry and year of occurrence and provides a short description for illustration. We suggest you use the outlines and examples to uncover new ideas for your business.

The Improve Segments section helps you develop ideas for new customer need-based segments for your business. These new segments reflect the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of the customers.

Once you have identified your target customer segments, you can improve your value proposition for these customers. This proposition includes both the performance you offer them and the price you ask in return for that performance. The Improve Products and Services section helps you create innovative ideas that both attract customers and discourage competitors from copying you.

Improve Pricing helps you improve the prices you get for your products by changing the performance package you offer, the components of the price itself.

Every change in a value proposition has some impact on the business cost structure. The Improve Cost section helps you improve the productivity of your business, and each functional cost area in the business, in order to improve your returns in the marketplace.