Reduce Unique ICDs by Redesigning the Product or the Process

The objective of this activity is to reduce the number of ICDs by reducing the occurrence of an ICD in producing a unit of Output, or by reducing the number of separate ICDs used in the Output. A unique ICD is one of the key activities in the work center's contribution to the final product (O). It is separate and distinct from any other activity in the work center. For example, the fastening of a part onto a subassembly and a quality control check of the subassembly would be unique ICDs.

B. Redesign the process of producing the ICD or Output

Change the process used to produce the ICD or Output to eliminate activities.

6. Reduce use of Purchases and Capital ICDs

Reduce Purchased ICDs: Use People or components requiring less Purchases:
Less advertising

No. Industry SIC Year Notes
1 5812 2005 McDonald's golden arches have been prominent markers in many communities. Now it is trying to remake its employee uniforms by spending $80 million on designers from Sean John, Polo Ralph Lauren, and A&F. McDonald's is looking to create uniforms that employees would want to wear outside of work.

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