Increase the Output Over Which a Fixed Cost ICD is Used

This action reduces the quantity of a unique fixed cost ICD used to produce a unit of Output by increasing the units of Output. For example, a new product design, or a new process patent, are both ICDs that have virtually limitless capacity for use. These are fixed cost ICDs. You pay for them once and you can use them over a virtually unlimited amount of Output. Their ICD/O ratios are limited only by the current demand level for Output.

Use fixed cost ICDs with more customers
By using fixed cost ICDs with more customer volume, the unit cost of the ICD declines as a component of the final Output cost.

Combine fixed cost ICDs with competitors into a separate business. Combine ICDs from the major cost functions of the company:
Combine Locate ICDs

No. Industry SIC Year Notes
1 4724 2002 Orbitz Inc., the Web travel firm founded by five big U.S., airlines, launched a corporate booking service in mid-July that cuts travel transaction fees.
2 5541 1996 Philips Petroleum and Conoco said they're considering a combination of some operations to create the second-largest chain of U.S. gas stations.

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