Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


B. Customer segments who are captive to the company

A unique Function

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2711 2002 Pearson's Financial Times sells headline updates to Europeans with mobile phones and charges $172 an hour for access to its staff at the "Ask.FT" research service.
2 3652 2004 By April, Universal had retreated from key features of the initiative. In JumpStart 2.0, the company raised wholesale prices on most titles back to $9.49, albeit still below their pre-JumpStart levels. Some "superstar" releases now wholesale for $10.35.
3 4512 2008 With the cost of jet fuel increasing, airlines have increased ticket prices. All these fees are one reason airlines rate below the IRS and gas stations for customer satisfaction. If you buy the less-expensive, nonrefundable ticket, and something happens, you get socked twice: First, you pay the difference between your original fare and a last-minute ticket on a different flight, then on most carriers you pay $150 for making the change.
4 5200 1996 In general, Wilmar prices lower than at hardware stores. On highly visible items, it's competitive with Home Depot. But on more obscure items, its pricing is much higher.
5 7299 2009 Students spend $1,000 a year on their texts, according to the College Board. And that most likely will increase: Over the past 20 years, textbook prices have increased at twice the inflation rate.

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