Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


A. Change the Benefit Package

Change Reliability and Price together

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2893 2004 Aiming to convince buyers that all inks are not created equal, Hewlett-Packard has launched the Vivera line in its first attempt to give printer cartridges their own identity. Some, such as Lexmark, have gone so far as to sue third-party manufacturers for copying the chips it uses in its ink cartridges. The chips make it easier to see how much ink is left. They also make it harder to create cheap ink knockoffs.
2 3571 1992 Compaq's new computers are priced about 15% higher than similar machines w/ fewer advanced features by Dell & AST Research, and 15-20% lower than comparable models by Toshiba and IBM.
3 5182 2003 Sidney Frank Importing Company has created a new brand for the nascent market in expensive "super premium" liquor. Grey Goose vodka appeared in late 1997 with a new marketing campaign. It usually consisted of young women handing out samples of vodka or bartenders at hotspots in key cities turning the $5 martini to a $15 drink. Grey Goose sold one million cases last year. Grey Goose is one of the few products that showed growth in the alcoholic-beverage market between 1997-2001.
4 6211 1999 Commission rates had fallen substantially throughout the 1990s, from an industry average of $53 in early 1996 to $16 by the end of 1997, when rates had leveled. Schwab, Fidelity, and DLJdirect maintained higher commission price-points and relied on fewer trades from their clients, while Datek and others with a $10 price point in 1999 relied upon more frequent, small trades
5 7375 2009 Labor-at-the-keyboard sites are gaining popularity as people increasingly turn to the Web in search of work. LivePerson, one such site, vets contributors' qualifications, such as medical licenses or financial certification, through a third party. It relies heavily on its community reviews. After applicants are cleared, advisers work with clients on a cost-per-minute basis. The site takes a commission of between 30% and 35%.

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