Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


E. Raise Price, reduce Performance and its Cost

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2033 1990 Before the Florida freeze, Brazil cut orange juice prices, hoping to increase its market share & dispose of its huge crop. But it suspended export permits Tuesday, hoping to force up the price of futures contracts for juice concentrate. Raise price where little competition.
2 4832 2009 Sirius XM Radio plans to increase prices for subscribers with multiple accounts and begin to charge for its online music feed, moves that may help the pay-radio service meet looming debt payments. Starting March 11, users with more than one account will pay about $9 for additional accounts, up from about $7. Also, subscribers will have to pay about $3 a month for the online version of the service, now free. Users will be able to defer the increases if they sign up for a long-term annual contract extension or pay up to $500 for a lifetime subscription. They added that there is no plan to change the standard monthly subscription price.
3 5411 2008 With food costs soaring and the economy slowing, the nation’s supermarkets are touting their discounts even as they increase the price of most items. Food companies have also been looking for ways to reduce waste and make up for their increased output costs without consumers noticing. PepsiCo Inc’s Frito-Lay snack unit is raising prices and reducing the number of chips in some of its bags.
4 7941 2006 In June, the Giants announced that they need to sell licenses for every seat in the new stadium to raise $370 million. Fans can buy the rights to seats comparable to the ones they now hold. The fixed prices start at $1,000 for the upper deck and rise to $20,000 for the field level. The tickets themselves cost $85 to $700. Fans were very displeased with these new costs.
5 9311 2002 San Diego changed two nearly empty carpool lanes on Interstate 15 to toll lanes. The toll, levied automatically via a radio transponder, like the E-ZPass badges used on Northeast highways, can change as often as every seven minutes, with a charge of between 25 cents and $8 per trip, depending on how crowded the lanes are at that time. A recent poll showed that drivers think the special toll lanes save them 15 to 45 minutes per trip, but they actually save them only 15 to 20 minutes. San Diego is using its $1.8 million in annual toll revenues to fund an express bus line.

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