Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


Raise Price with no change in Performance and Cost

No. SIC Year Notes
1 3652 2004 By April, Universal had retreated from key features of the initiative. In JumpStart 2.0, the company raised wholesale prices on most titles back to $9.49, albeit still below their pre-JumpStart levels. Some "superstar" releases now wholesale for $10.35.
2 4512 2008 Virgin America is revamping its frequent flier program. It gives frequent flier points based on ticket prices, not mileage. Also, instead of set mileage redemption prices at say 25,000 or 50,000 miles, the price in points fluctuates just as the cash price does. One point is usually more than two cents. For example, a $429 ticket priced at 18,976 points (2.26 cents per point).
3 6321 2003 Medical care prices have risen 7.3%. Over the past decade, health inflation averaged 4% per year. Both rates are well above the decade's average gain of 2.5% for the overall CPI.
4 7372 2009 Microsoft has told PC makers the $50 Starter Edition will be available only for netbooks with screen sizes smaller than 10.2 inches and chips that aren't capable of playing most games or watching video. Larger netbooks would have to use Windows 7 Home Premium, which would add $200 to a unit's cost.
5 9311 2002 In 1975, Singapore started charging for access at peak times, a move that cut downtown traffic by 40%. North of Paris, highway A1 sports a higher toll on Sunday evenings as Parisians stream back from their weekend homes. London is now starting a daily licensing fee for motorists in its crowded central city.

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