Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 0 1990 Companies providing excellent service can charge a premium. Those ranking in top 3rd in service quality sell their products or services, on average, at prices 5-6% higher relative to the competition than do the bottom third.
2 131 1989 Boswell cotton fetches a penney a pound more than that of rival Calcot Ltd., a dime more than average U.S. cotton.
3 2096 1994 Frito Lay's potato chips are the priciest on the shelf, but their share is increasing.
4 2711 2003 Abitibi and Bowater combined have 55% market share. The next biggest competitor is Kruger, who has only 7% share. So the two biggest companies keep the largest publishers and then allow the smaller competitors in the marketplace to keep a full order boo
5 2844 1990 Rival Remington Products and others began selling rival products of Epilady. EPI countered w/ a $40 version of the Epilady aimed at mass-market retailers. To hang onto dept. store customers, it added a deluxe, 3-speed $89 model.
6 2893 2004 Aiming to convince buyers that all inks are not created equal, Hewlett-Packard has launched the Vivera line in its first attempt to give printer cartridges their own identity. Some, such as Lexmark, have gone so far as to sue third-party manufacturers for
7 3273 1997 Thanks to its reputation built on an extremely low defect rate for its industry, Granite Rock commands an 8% price premium for its concrete.
8 3572 1996 Many resellers said that although the price of the Colorado drives is slightly higher than competing brands, they are willing to pay the extra price in order to get the performance and confidence of the Colorado brand name.
9 3630 1992 With the exception of Maytag, whose premium line of washers and dryers typically retail for $100 more than competing models, there appears not to be any significant price gaps within comparable leadership categories.
10 3711 1988 Customers are often willing to pay a high premium on German products, due to their emphasis on quality and service. Germany is not able to compete w/ the Japanese, Koreans and Americans in mass production. It goes into niches of the world market.
11 4213 1997 Con-Way's market strategy when entering a new region has been to enter a new geographic market and immediately begin offering a high level of service at a premium price. Over a period of two to three years in a new market, Con-Way is able to build its cus
12 4513 1991 And how much, when you go out to bid how much does Federal Express offer for an overnite letter, for example? I’m not sure what they bid back then, but it was probably 20% higher than Airborne. I mean Federal would not come down period. That was their
13 4813 1992 One upstart, Teleport says it often charges more than the regional telephone companies by promising better service and lower error rates in transmission. Serves private communications networks that link corporate offices.
14 5000 1990 Premier can charge up to 50% more than competitors for every one of the 250,000 mundane industrial parts it stocks because it offers high quality customer service.
15 6211 1998 Schwab charges $29.95 for up 1000 shares and 3 cents a share for larger orders which is triple what some others charge.
16 7372 2003 Intuit focuses on after-sale support which means it has answers to questions on its Web site, chat rooms for tech help, and phone support for tax questions. Intuit accounted for 69% of tax software sales and 76% of retail revenue in 2002.
17 7530 1990 A large segment of car owners have a basic dislike for being placed in the hands of a mechanic they find hard to trust. So they're quite willing to pay higher-than-usual prices for repairs from a mechanic they can trust.
18 8011 2009 Concierge medicine consists of a local primary-care doctor who treats a small group of patients in exchange for an annual fee. Concierge practices fall into two categories. In the "fee for care" model, patients pay a relatively high fee; the doctor drops
19 8069 2000 NovaMed has a good track record of turning small laser practices into great businesses. It spends millions renovating offices and patients usually only have a to wait a few minutes to see a doctor. This high-end service allows the doctors to charge more.
20 8900 1995 Bugs guaranteed total pest elimination and commanded a price ten times the industry norm because it focused on those customers, such as hotels and hospitals, for whom the cost of failure was extreme.

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