Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 3711 1987 Car accessories have much higher profit margins for car makers than do the base cars. Most options cost little to add to the car. Ex: A digital clock recently added to the Taurus/Sable cars costs $4, but Ford charges $78 for it.
2 4512 1995 Delta became the latest carrier to raise its fee to $50 from $35 for changing or rewriting a restricted ticket, following Northwest, United, and TWA.
3 4512 1998 One of American's most popular frequent-flier awards, upgrading to first class on a discounted domestic ticket, will jump to 30,000 miles from 20,000 miles.
4 4512 2004 On some routes, US airlines are charging huge mark-ups on seats on partner airlines. Code-share differences have largely smoothed out in coach cabins, particularly on domestic flights. But on international flights, some of the best seats on the plane are going for radically different prices depending on whether you book through one airline or another.
5 4512 2008 In order to boost revenue to offset record fuel prices, Delta Air Lines is imposing new or higher fees on a host of travelers, including frequent fliers, passengers traveling with pets and people booking their tickets over the phone. Delta said carrying a pet in the cabin will cost $100 instead of $75.
6 4512 2008 Delta Airlines Inc. said it will add a surcharge to tickets awarded through its frequent-flier program, in the latest move by an airline to squeeze more revenue from passengers to compensate for soaring fuel costs. Delta said it will charge $25 for frequent -flier tickets for travel in the US and Canada and $50 for travel from the US and Canada to other countries, starting August 15th. It already charges a $75 "rapid redemption" fee for award tickets booked fewer than 20 days in advance. US Airways Group Inc. announced that it would add a processing fee to all frequent-flier tickets issued beginning Aug. 6, charging $25 for US and Canadian flights. Northwest Corp. and UAL said similar plans to charge are under review.
7 4512 2008 With the cost of jet fuel increasing, airlines have increased ticket prices. All these fees are one reason airlines rate below the IRS and gas stations for customer satisfaction. The privilege of booking your ticket through a real person now costs $15 to $35.
8 4800 2009 On the surface of it, the country's biggest carriers continue to boost prices despite the downturn. In January, Comcast and Time Warner Cable raised year-over-year prices by 6% for TV services. AT&T Inc, meanwhile, increased the price of high-end services, such as bundled movie channels, by 30%.
9 4812 2003 Now Sprint overhauled the Clear Pay plan for credit-challenged customers by requiring deposits. It also took steps to improve customer service. It's putting in place closer marketing and organizational ties to parent Sprint. Meanwhile, it's raising prices on wireless data services to $15 from $10 monthly.
10 4813 1995 AT&T plans to increase the price of operator-assisted calls in the US by 9%.
11 4813 1997 Teleport Communications undercut New York Telephone's high rates for service within 5 miles or less. New York Telephone lowered its prices for these distances, but then raised prices for distances beyond 5 miles to compensate. Teleport captured a share of the beyond-5 miles market.
12 4813 2002 MCI's new rate increase will double its Sunday basic rates to 20 cents per minute. Even the cost of directory assistance is going up, to $2.49 per call from $1.99.
13 4813 2007 Shortly after AT&T finalized the acquisition of BellSouth, many California residents received notices of fare hikes for certain phone services, including call waiting, call waiting ID, three-way calling, call forwarding and repeat dialing. In some cases between 24 to 57%. AT&T claims that the hikes are a result of changes in industry regulations. This will likely increase AT&T's revenue dramatically.
14 4841 2000 EchoStar has local coverage in 28 markets and charges subscribers an extra $4.99 a month for it; DirecTV charges $5.99 and offers local stations in 23 markets. Without an antenna, you'll have to forego other local stations, although Dawson's Creek fans will find the WB network shows on such superstations as WGN, available in some subscription packages. And PBS has a national feed just for satellite. At $1 per month on EchoStar, it's well worth it just to avoid those pesky pledge drives. If you favor foreign-language programming, EchoStar carries a large selection ranging from Radio France International $1 a month to Japan's NHK for $25.
15 6021 1988 BofA is also raising the monthly fee on its Custom Choice account to $3 from $2.50. Before, paid 50 cents/check w/ no charge for first 8 checks or ATM use. Now all checks & ATM use will be 30 cents a pop.
16 6021 1988 B of A also increased its fee to $6/mo. from $5/mo. for its Flat Fee checking account, and raised the monthly charge to $8 from $7 on its Custom Interest checking account.
17 6111 2005 Fees charged for customers using a bank other than their own have increased in recent months. Fees for customers using another bank's ATM have risen from $1.29 in the fall of 2004 to $1.35, an industry record. Surcharges or "foreign ATM fees" have risen from $1.37 to $1.40 in the same period. This generated about $4 billion in 2005. Banks are trying to compensate for the fact that many consumers are using credit and debit cards rather than cash, cutting into revenue.
18 7375 2006 A handful of start-up companies, including Jingle Networks, has begun offering free directory assistance over the phone in return for the customer's willingness to listen to an ad. The free directory is appealing to more customers since traditional phone companies have raised the rates of their services over the past several years. Carriers can charge an average of $1.50 per 411 call on cell phones and $1.15 per call from fixed-line phones.
19 7832 1997 The industry raised it prices only 1.5 percent over the last 10 years. However, concession prices are high and these have 85 percent margins and contribute 45 percent to the companies' profit.

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