Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2000 1992 Kraft concedes the average price of its Kraft macaroni-and-cheese dinners has jumped 5% annually.
2 2043 1994 Kellogg, General Mills, Post, and Quaker Oats puffed up prices more than 6% a year from 1983 to 1988. That's net pricing, after deducting the cost of coupons and promotions. Despite competitive pressure, a defiant Kellogg raised the price of Corn Flakes and other favorites almost 6% in 1993, even while it gave back more and more to retailers and consumers in the form of promotions and coupons.
3 2043 1994 Kellogg is raising prices on 38 cereals an average of 2.6%. Corn Flakes will increase nearly 7%, Frosted Mini-Wheats will go up 4%, Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes about 3% each, and Froot Loops 2.5%. Not all of Kellogg's cereals are affected. The last time Kellogg raised prices, only Post followed suit. Previously, a price increase by one cereal maker was soon taken by everyone.
4 2082 1993 The company is increasing its pricing on Natural Light to $4.99 from $4.65 per 12- pack — or about a 7.3% increase. Natural Light is Anheuser's only popular-priced brand being sold in either California or Washington.
5 2085 2004 Diageo is hardly the first liquor company to raise prices in recent years. Brown-Forman has been raising the price of its iconic Jack Daniels between 2% to 3%. Fortune Brands has also raised prices on Jim Beam. Brewers have also been ratcheting up their prices.
6 2111 1993 Philip Morris continued to raise Marlboro prices–seven times in about two years, by one count–even as once-loyal customers were trading down.
7 2731 1997 In the past, bestsellers funded the rest of publishers' publishing. Now it's the other way around, as writers of bestsellers demand more money.
8 2731 2009 Students spend $1,000 a year on their texts, according to the College Board. And that most likely will increase: Over the past 20 years, textbook prices have increased at twice the inflation rate.
9 2834 1986 To preserve margins in the face of eroding sales, brand name manufacturers this year have boosted prices by 10% to 20% or more on most drugs still patented.
10 2834 1989 Upjohn has raised the price of both Xanax, a tranquilizer, and Halcion, a sedative, by 21 % since January, as the # of prescriptions written for both was dropping.
11 2834 1991 Prescription drug prices rose an avg. of 9.6% a year in the last decade, while the CPI for all items rose an avg. of 4.5% a year.
12 2834 1993 From 1985 to 1992, drug prices rose 80%, more than twice the rate of inflation. Now, the onset of managed care has aggregated demand for drugs. HMOs are buyers.
13 2834 1997 Prices for brand-name prescription drugs rose 3.8% in the third quarter from a year earlier, while generic prescription-drug prices declined 6.4%.
14 2834 2009 Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have been pushing through hefty price increases aimed at bolstering earnings, even as government and private insurers are struggling to rein in healthcare costs. Drug makers increased prices on drugs like Viagra and the leukemia pill Sprycel by more than 20% in the first quarter from a year earlier. The prices of a dozen top-selling drugs increased by double digits in the first quarter from a year earlier. Bristol-Meyers Squibb Co.'s Sprycel was up 32.7% and Pfizer Inc's Sutent rose 14.3%. Express Scripts Inc., one of the largest pharmacy-benefits managers, said it saw prices rise more than 10% to 15% between the 2008 first quarter and this year's first quarter. Higher hospital and drug prices trickle down to consumers in out-of-pocket costs or in the form of higher premiums and co-payments.
15 3711 1987 Jaguar said the prices of its new 1988 model XJ6 luxury sedans will range from $40,500 to $44,500, an increase of 8% on the lowest priced models.
16 3711 1990 Earlier, GM and Ford announced price increases of 4% or more on most of their models. Chrysler put a big 12% increase on its minivans.
17 3711 1991 Chrysler is planning for relatively small price increases on many of its cars and its base-model minivans. But it's setting larger price increases on its more profitable minivans and Jeep Cherokee models.
18 5812 2004 Starbucks, the company that acclimated millions of Americans to paying unheard-of sums for a drink, is planning to raise its prices. The company cites higher costs for milk, higher rent and health-insurance expenses. Prices will rise 4 to 5%. The pricing could anger loyal customers who are aware of the prices and come prepared with exact change. However, prepared coffee is often cited as a textbook example as having little price elasticity while mass-market grocery brands are often vulnerable to change.
19 7375 2008 Some people who sell things on eBay are fed up with the new rules it's been imposing in hopes of making the auction site more attractive to online shoppers. One big change came in January: eBay cut the fees it charges for listing an item, but raised its commissions on completed sales of products auctioned for less than $1,000 or sold at fixed prices lower than $100. Meanwhile, the company began taking a lesser bite out of higher-end fixed -price sales. In response to complaints, EBay also cut listing fees by as much as half for items in its "media" category. Many sellers were unhappy that unlike in the past—when eBay consistently talked of a level playing field for brand-name companies and weekend attic-raiders—a new top tier of vendors seems to have an easier time flooding the market place. A vendor of vintage movie posters on eBay notes that under the fee structure eBay imposed on him in January, he would have paid 15 cents to list each poster, down from 20 cents. But his average poster sold for $50, and eBay's take on that sale price would rise to about $3.07, from about $2.12 previously.
20 8221 1990 The U of Michigan is raising tuition 6.5% after last year's 9.6% increase.

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