Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2000 1993 After years of price increases, Kraft by 1992 charged 45% more than private-label rivals.
2 2032 1991 Campbell has raised soup prices a steep 8%.
3 2043 1998 Quaker Oats is raising prices: 3.8% average price increase for cold cereals; 3.5% for hot cereals.
4 2052 1992 Nabisco had aggressive price increases in the 1980s. Ever since Nabisco was taken private in 1989, the prices of its cookies have soared. Nabisco's prices rose 3.5% a year in 1990 and 91.
5 2084 2001 Many customers are abandoning California wines for lower-priced imports from Australia, South Africa, Chile and elsewhere. The strong U.S. dollar has helped make imports more affordable. Domestic wineries in California had doubled or tripled prices during the past five years. Diamond Creek Vineyards increased the price of its wines from $50 a bottle to $175. Caymus Vineyards increased the price of their Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from $24 to $75 and Robert Mondavi raised the price of its reserve Cabernet from $60 to $120.
6 2111 1999 The tobacco industry raised cigarette prices 5 times last year before a record-setting 45-cent markup in November.
7 2656 1988 The new aggressive pricing policy is taking a longer time to take hold in the Distributor business. Today it appears that Fort Howard is still demanding a premium of 2% to 3% in price above the price levels of Solo. Solo continues to gain share against that pricing policy.
8 2800 2009 Chief executives from several big household-products makers voiced confidence they could make higher prices stick, even as the recession ratchets up pressure on retailers and consumers to cut costs. Clorox Co. CEO told the conference his company had succeeded recently in imposing additional price increases. "We haven't had any gunfights with retailers," he said. "They weren't easy conversations but everyone accepted the price increases." Nestlé SA, whose brands include Gerber and Purina, cited higher prices as a factor in the 70% increase in net profit it reported Thursday for 2008. And Kimberly-Clark Corp., known for its Scott, Kleenex and Huggies brands, said it would maintain its prices, at least for now, after hefty increases in 2008.
9 3711 1987 BMW has raised its prices 44% to partly offset the lower dollar.
10 3861 1989 Kodak said it will raise prices on consumer photographic film by 5.5-9%, effective Dec. 23.
11 4213 2001 Despite a slow economy, Yellow Corp. announced plans to raise trucking rates in its Yellow Freight division by 4.9% in 2001. The company bet that customers will be willing to pay the increased rate to save on inventory costs. The hike applies to non-contracted rates, representing half of Yellow's business.
12 4813 1999 IDT Corp.'s new rate for domestic long-distance calls is 5 cents per minute anytime, plus a $3.95 monthly fee. AT&T slashed its rates to 7 cents a minute for calls made anytime; customers also pay a $5.95 monthly fee.
13 4833 1997 Ad rates on network TV are an average of 25% higher for broadcast than for cable, even when the programming reaches exactly the same number of viewers.
14 5813 2000 Despite already-high prices, Starbucks decided to further increase prices the summer of 2000, which accounted for a 3% increase in same-store sales. There has been about a 4% increase in store traffic in the year following both of the two previous major menu price mark-ups. This suggests Starbucks' power as the pricing leader of the industry.
15 7291 1998 This year, H&R Block increased its average charge for doing a return by 8%.
16 7996 1999 Disneyland is boosting prices for its 8th consecutive year, to $39 for 1999. This is a $1 increase.
17 8221 1990 College costs are rising faster than the rate of inflation for the 11th year in a row. Tuition at elite colleges is rising especially fast. Raise prices where no competition.

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