Raise Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 0 1989 When Duracell raised its battery prices 7% this year, competitor Ralston Purina increased prices on its Eveready batteries by a like amount.
2 2024 1997 Earlier this year, Ben & Jerry's raised the price of its top ice creams by about 3%, bringing it to $3 a pint at retail and on par with Haagen-Dazs.
3 2111 2002 Before an increase in competition from smaller brands, large companies increased their average retail price dramatically. A pack of premium cigarettes is up 90% since 1997. The price increases were driven by a desire for higher profits, large state settlement payments and state excise taxes.
4 2330 2007 Prices for high-end purses have jumped by 40% from 2005 to 2007. The average handbag price at Salvatore Farragamo has nearly doubled, now averaging $1,050.
5 2711 2000 Despite declining volume and growth rates, newspaper companies have been aggressive in raising prices. They are increasing rates for less circulation as they have accepted small declines annually as a destiny.
6 2800 2006 Procter & Gamble boosted prices on several products for both home and personal care. This included a 6% increase on feminine-care products and a 3-4% increase on newly acquired Gillette products. This hike was a part of a trend among the leading consumer products companies as Colgate-Palmolive raised prices and profits.
7 3011 2002 Standard & Poor downgraded Goodyear's debt to junk status last month. Goodyear buys raw materials on long-term contracts, so the benefits of those decreases will start showing up. At the same time, the company has raised prices thrice in the past 12 months, with most increases sticking.
8 3270 1995 USG claims to price at the market, and follow-up interviews with its customers confirm this. The Company does not discount to gain share, nor does the Company price at a premium. In tightening markets the Company leads prices up, usually with good success. In down markets the Company follows prices down, matching discounts for its largest customers first and then confirming "market price" for its smaller customers on a case by case basis.
9 3711 2004 The big U.S. auto makers continue to boost prices incrementally throughout the year. Toyota says that it has "tried to avoid the trap of raising prices and using those increases to fuel incentives."
10 4512 1986 The unrestricted fare for flying from SF to LA – the nation's busiest air route – increased by $5 to $99 on Pacific Southwest, AirCal and United. One can fly from SF to NY for $99. Raise price where no competition.
11 4841 2005 While the cable and satellite television companies work to revamp their pricing structures, Time Warner is taking a geographical approach. In certain regions, subscribers could see hikes of up to 5% while other regions will be unaffected.
12 5311 1995 Most factory outlet stores are raising prices: they're not too much lower than department store sale prices. Price-raising is because they're selling better-quality products. Add price point.
13 6211 1998 The average expense ratio of front-end load stock funds has risen to 1.253% in 1997 from 1.145% in 1988.
14 6321 2003 Medical care prices have risen 7.3%. Over the past decade, health inflation averaged 4% per year. Both rates are well above the decade's average gain of 2.5% for the overall CPI.
15 6722 1995 The annual price of owning mutual funds has been rising steadily for more than a decade. Funds are managed per year, at a percentage of money invested.
16 7372 2004 Network Associates last month hiked its yearly anti-virus subscription rate to $39.99 from around $35.
17 7514 2008 Several rental-car agencies have recently started raising prices to reflect increasing operating costs. Hertz Global Holdings has implemented price increases at its retail rental locations as a part of restructuring to curb the effects of inflation, rising commodity costs, and a tough used-car resale market. Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent-A-Car have increased retail pricing over the past month at airport locations. The moves represent the attempt by car-rental companies to remain profitable. Car-rental rates will rise by an average of more than 10% in North American airport markets, or more than $5 a day; 5% in off-airport markets, and about 10% in European airport and downtown markets. Rate increases vary by location.
18 7996 1998 In the past month, Disney, Seagram's Universal Studios, and A-B's Sea World have each raised prices more than $2, to identical totals of $44.52. They cite new attractions as the reason for the change.
19 8062 2009 Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have been pushing through hefty price increases aimed at bolstering earnings, even as government and private insurers are struggling to rein in healthcare costs. One of the largest hospital owners in the country, HCA Inc., said it expects to report higher revenue for the first quarter even though it had fewer hospitals and its admissions declined. It also said its income before taxes had nearly doubled. Reflecting an industry-wide trend of weak hospital admissions, same-facility admissions at HCA are expected to be down .9%. The company expects to report income before income taxes of between $600 million and $650 million, up from $344 million a year earlier.
20 8111 1989 Average hourly billing rates for lawyers have risen significantly this year, reflecting law firms' difficulties in controlling costs in the face of escalating salaries. There's a demand increase for new associates.

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