Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2023 1996 The three main US manufacturers have relied for years on the advice of physicians, along with free packs of formula given to new mothers at hospitals.
2 3711 2004 Nissan is offering Infiniti luxury vehicles to the Little Nell in Aspen, where rooms start at $625 a night in high season. Nissan brand vehicles will be offered at a resort in nearby Snowmass Village, which tends to attract a younger crowd. At the Lake Placid Lodge in upstate New York, where room rates begin at $400 a night, a Lexus is available for use by guests gratis on a first-come-first-served basis for half-day outings.
3 6021 1991 Cal Fed offers 1 year of free interest bearing checking with no minimum balance or monthly service charge. 1st 200 checks are free. Offer expires 12-31-91.
4 6211 2006 Bank of America began offering 30 free online stock trades per month to anyone maintaining a minimum balance of $25000 in a deposit account. However, the deal is restricted to online trades without the aid of a broker and stocks and bonds do not count towards the minimum balance. Trades made in mutual funds may not be eligible for the offer. Competitors like Charles Schwab and E*TRADE will likely have to match these prices.
5 6211 2007 Wells Fargo began offering 100 no-cost online stock and no-load mutual fund trades to customers who have at least $25,000 in combined asset and loan balances at the bank. Customers can count 10% of their home mortgage to qualify. These qualifications are much lower than rival Bank of America which does not count loans, stocks, bonds or mutual funds towards their $25,000 requirement. Wells Fargo customers must link their brokerage account to a Portfolio Management Account which includes checking, free if minimum balances are maintained. After the 100 free trades are used, they will pay $5.95 for each trade for the rest of the year. Customers can open another account and will receive 100 free trades
6 7011 1987 New National Learn to Ski Day has resorts across the US offering new skiers free lift tickets, equipment rental and skiing lessons. Other resort promotions include family discounts, mid-week bargains, & special group discounts.
7 7372 1996 id Software distributes abbreviated but fully functioning versions of their games free of charge over the Internet. If consumers want the whole game, they have to pay for it. Successful.
8 7372 2005 As the price of videogames continues to rise, several online services have developed a subscription plan allowing gamers to rent new titles and mail them back when they are done. The services, modeled after Netflix, offer a free trial, instruction manuals, reviews, video clips and often parental controls.
9 7372 2009 Some technology companies are taking an unorthodox approach to selling software in the recession: giving it away. Microsoft recently launched a program that lets start-ups use its Office suite and other software at no charge. It's free software is intended to help the companies until they reach three years of age or $1 million in revenue. Microsoft is using an honor system. The risk from giving away something they used to charge for is low because they have already invested the money to develop the software. Adobe Systems last June launched an online version of its Acrobat software and gave it away.
10 7900 1988 Squaw Valley offers free skiing to first-time skiers all season long.
11 8742 2009 Powerfeedback is providing free research reports, and giving away three hours of consulting services to both prospective and current customers in order to boost revenue, which has surged 26% in the past 3 months.

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