Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 5331 2006 Post-Thanksgiving shoppers seeking rock-bottom prices on electronics and other goods will not be disappointed. Wal-Mart began reducing prices in mid-October, much earlier than usual and plans to continue. However, these price cuts are limited to certain items and rivals are likely to match them but not reduce prices across the store.
2 5331 2006 Wal-Mart began its 2006 holiday discounting in October by cutting prices on toys. Discounts on electronics and small appliances followed in November and the retail giant promised further discounts on basic apparel.
3 5331 2008 Retail price wars start early for Christmas toy sales. KB toys, which now operates about 430 stores down from 1,200 believes it has the winning formula for discount toys. The company sells videogames or two DVDs for as low as $9.98. The items are generally older and less fashionable, but still in demand among cost-conscious parents.
4 5331 2008 Retail price wars start early for Christmas toy sales. Wal-Mart announced 10 well-known toys, including Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels, for $10. KB Toys responds by cutting prices to $10 or less on more than 200 toys. Wal-Mart's cuts which were 25% to 40% below Toys "R" Us,, and Target's toy prices. The discounts are to get people into the store but not give away the store; supplies of the $10 toys are ample but scattered across store aisles.
5 5731 2005 Each Thanksgiving, electronics retailers slash prices on popular electronics and accessories, including laptops, flat screen monitors, video games and camcorders in hopes of building excitement for the Christmas shopping season. Retailers offer low prices in limited quantities to get shoppers into the store and looking at more profitable items.
6 5731 2009 Discounts abound for digital cameras and digital music players as the recession slows sales. J&R Electronics and Fry's Electronics are selling point-and-shoot digital cameras from Eastman Kodak and Nikon, discounted to below $100. General Electric was selling a 10-megapixel digital camera for $180, down 46% from a list price of $336. Most entry-level cameras sell for an average of $129, compared to $146 a year ago.
7 5999 2004 CompUSA will offer hundreds of dollars off their Gateway PCs and Toshiba laptops through early December.
8 5999 2004 This Thanksgiving season, stores from Kohl's to Sears to Circuit City took a page from Wal-Mart Stores, opening early and offering a range of low-priced goodies aimed at getting shoppers in the door.

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