Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2086 2005 Before taxes the company makes 7.5 cents on the dollar – $10.5 million on $140 million in revenue last year. The firm is tiny alongside Poland Spring, Dasani and Aquafina. What Niagara offers is low prices: Superior Markets, a 19-store chain in southern California, pays only $2.60 for a case of 24 half-liter bottles, compared with $4.30 to $4.70 for Dasani or Aquafina. It survives by slashing costs continually.
2 3571 1991 Exact price comparisons between PCs and Macs are difficult to make since they're equipped quite differently. Macs are usually priced about the same as IBMs of roughly equivalent strength. PC clones are about 20% cheaper than Macs.
3 3651 2005 Dell's low cost structure, peerless supply chain, and direct-sales model lets it drastically undercut rivals' prices. It recently introduced high-definition 42-inch plasma sets for less than $3,000, with incentives, while Sony and others were selling similar models for more than $4,000. In a matter of months, Dell seized 10% of this important slice of the plasma market in the U.S.
4 3695 2005 Dell is continuing its push to commoditize the portable music player market by driving down prices. Its latest product, the Dell DJ-30, has a 30-gigabyte hard drive that can hold up to 15,000 songs. It lists for $299. By comparison, a 30-gigabyte Apple iPod costs $349.
5 3944 1991 Taiwanese knockoffs of roller blades are priced as much as 75% off the standard Rollerblades.
6 4141 2005 New York's Chinatown is a short walk from South Station, Greyhound's base. Waiting at curbsides, Chinese buses enticed their passengers away. In spring the lure grew: a new company named Lucky Star appeared with a $10 fare to New York. The others were forced to match it.
7 4512 1986 New Chicago Airlines flies from Chicago to 9 Midwest cities, offering fares up to 60% lower than those of competitors.
8 4512 1992 Braniff airlines charges its passengers $100 or so less than its larger competitors, but has few daily departures with a fleet of only 10 planes.
9 4512 2005 The budget airline boom that swept the U.S. and Europe in recent years is finally hitting Asia. The best fares are often short-term, promotional efforts. But even the regular full-fare prices on discount carriers can offer considerable savings over full-service airlines. A regular Tiger Airways' round-trip fare between Singapore and Phuket adds up to about $86, almost $200 less than the same route on a major airline.
10 4813 1996 Various small companies are offering customers the chance to get 10% to 50% savings over the major long-distance carriers' undiscounted rates. They just have to punch in a five-digit code that comes in the mail.
11 4841 1994 A satellite shared by DirecTV (GM) and US Satellite Broadcasting offers more TV choices than cable, but about the same price as cable. Other satellites soon to come to compete with cable.
12 5942 1987 Contrasting the industry trend to stop cutting prices, Crown Books Corp. discounts its best sellers by 40%, compared with 35% in 1985.
13 6211 1999 Online brokers are cheaper. But even in the online world, you get what you pay for, Business Week says. The $29.95 you pay for a trade at Charles Schwab brings more research and better tools than does the $20 at DLJdirect Inc.
14 7372 1991 Besides offering leading-edge software, Borland built its momentum on heavy discounting. The company sold its own spreadsheet, for instance, for $99 to owners of Lotus programs; that's hundreds of dollars a copy less than typical prices.

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