Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 3711 1992 Ford has expanded a promotion advertising a single price for several different Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer models.
2 4812 2009 Unlimited plans are growing more popular and it's clear why: They allow consumers to get rid of landlines or put several wireless lines under a single family plan. Indeed, in January, Sprint’s Boost Mobile (which offers prepaid plans with no contract) launched a $50 nationwide unlimited plan that includes talk, text, data and walkie-talkie.
3 4812 2009 Sprint Nextel Corp.'s Boost Mobile plans to offer an unlimited nationwide calling plan for $50 a month, a bid by the youth-oriented wireless service to severely undercut rivals. With the cheaper plan, which is half the cost of the $99 unlimited plans offered by the major carriers and roughly $10 cheaper than similar unlimited prepaid services offered by MetroPCS Communications Inc. and Leap Wireless International Inc., Boost is hoping to go after budget-conscious consumers. It represents an aggressive move by Sprint to attract customers even as its own core wireless service continues to lose subscribers. In addition to unlimited calling, customers will get unlimited text messages, mobile Web surfing, and a walkie-talkie feature. Customers aren't locked into a contract, and can leave anytime.
4 4813 1999 Amid the bewildering array of choices, backers of Broadband Office say they will appeal to tenants on simplicity, convenience and cost. They'll offer a single contract for local phone service, long-distance, and data connections. Broadband Office plans to spend as much as $100 million during the next 12 months to install fiber-optic and other high-speed lines through its owners' buildings. The plan is to undercut prices the Bells typically charge, which can approach $1,000 a month for a single high-speed data line. Broadband says new users will have to wait a matter of days, not weeks, to get its service.
5 4813 2004 Verizon began selling consumers a package of DSL and pay-TV through an alliance with satellite broadcaster DirecTV. Both local Bells and cable firms view these bundled service plans as a key tool to hold onto customers.
6 5812 2009 Restaurant chains are offering more aggressive promotional deals as they try to tempt diners in lean times. Starbucks is offering breakfast deals in which consumers can get an oatmeal and a latte or a breakfast sandwich and a coffee for $3.95.
7 5812 2009 In a continuing effort to boost profits per sale, Panera Bread Co. plans to expand its combo offering to include desserts and sell loaves of bread for customers to eat at home. The impulse and add-on items are intended to help the bakery-café chain weather an expected decline in customer visits for 2009. Panera hopes to continue to steer customers to high-margin products such as its signature salads, as well as an expansion of its popular "You Pick Two" combo meal of a bowl of soup and half of a sandwich or salad. Soon, with an addition of a drink to the combo, customers will be able to add a baked good to their meal for 99 cents. Customers will also be able to add the bakery item to their order at that price if they buy a regular sandwich, salad or soup and a drink.
8 6321 2003 Hartford Property & Casualty will discount its auto homeowner's policies up to 15% when you buy both property and casualty insurance policies. You can get another 5% discount after insuring with the company for five years. For maintaining a good driving record for five years, a Hartford policyholder can take an additional 5% discount on an auto policy, says the company's senior vice president of personal lines.

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