Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 3711 2005 In response to a successful initiative by General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler began offering employee discounts to the general public, popular models which sell well without hefty reductions were excluded.
2 3711 2005 Detroit automakers have begun offering employee pricing to the general public, which ranges from 4-6% below the dealer invoice. These deals are sometimes accompanied by additional cash incentives.
3 5141 1997 Frequent shopper cards allow grocers to offer discounted items only to loyal customers.
4 5900 1997 In traditional retail, it takes about $10 billion in sales to make $150 million in profits. CUC can make more than that selling memberships to consumers interested in discount web shopping. NetMarket recently signed up 700,000 members, many at an introductory rate of $1 for three months. One hundred thousand new members join each month and a significant percantage stay on. These people pay the full annual fee of $69.
5 5912 2001 Merck-Medco, a pharmacy-benefit manager, is offering a drug discount program with Reader's Digest to seniors called Your Plan. Seniors who pay a $25 initiation fee can receive discounts on all drugs.
6 5912 2009 CVS Caremark Corp. is apparently steering its pharmacy-benefits patients to its own drugstores by raising co-payments for some who fill their prescriptions at other pharmacies—and competitors are crying foul. The company sent its patients letters that warned them that their co-payments would rise to 50% of the cost of their drugs from 25% unless they switched their prescriptions to a CVS pharmacy. The letters appear to relate to a program called "Maintenance Choice," under which patients can opt to fill 90-day prescriptions through CVS drugstores for the same cost. Company officials have labeled it a success, saying it boosted CVS's in-store pharmacy sales in the first quarter by 1.2 percentage points. CVS's effort appears to be penalizing patients directly for patronizing competing drugstores.
7 5942 2007 While Borders phases out generous customer loyalty programs, Barnes & Noble raised the discount offered to paid club members to 40% on hardcover best-sellers and 20% on all adult hardcover titles. Members continue to receive a 10% discount on everything purchased in stores. Members pay a $25 yearly fee.
8 6021 2006 As rates for home equity lines of credit rise, banks are offering special promotions and rate cuts to ensure consistent demand. Wells Fargo & Co. cut the rate on home equity loans and lines of credit by 0.375 to 0.5 percent for Wells Fargo checking customers.
9 6321 2005 In the early 90's, Aetna would write many habitational master policies. It, then, would offer to discount the homeowners personal policies in the complex where Aetna wrote the master policy.
10 7011 1987 Hotels offering hospitality clubs, which (for a $50-$65 annual fee) give user discounts at restaurant, use of facilities. Only economically rational for larger customers.

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