Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 3087 1992 Since Wal-Mart avoids price promotions, Rubbermaid attracts shoppers by adding something extra, such as packaging free Kool-Aid or Tang with its plastic pitchers.
2 3571 2001 Just last summer computer makers were boosting already strong sales by hawking sleek new hardware designs and faster processors. Today, the PC business is showing all the signs of brutal price war: rapid price cuts, rebates and lots of freebies. Dell Computer Corp., which launched the current price battle at the end of last year, is tossing in free delivery, a free printer and free Internet access to customers who buy a PC through its Web site.
3 3674 1999 Micron is offering a "free" PC and monitor. Simply subscribe to 3 years of their service package (prepayment of $1087) and the PC is free. You will receive a new, free PC every 3 years when you renew your subscription. You also receive 3 years internet access, a 3-year warranty, telephone tech support, and a 3-year membership to e-additions@Club.
4 3695 2005 TiVo became popular at its debut, gaining 2.3 million subscribers. However, TiVo's main outlet as been DirecTV, which last month announced plans to begin using a competing DVR service. TiVo's deal with Comcast fell through last summer, which is unfortunate because competition is cut-throat. DirecTV is offering new customers a free DVR with a $5 monthly fee. Companies like Microsoft and HP are promoting new computers that include DVR functions without TiVo's $12.95 monthly fee.
5 3711 1988 Foreign luxury car sales slumped in the first quarter. Automakers offer rebates, lower pricing. Mercedes-Benz offers free airline tickets to buyers who buy from the co. plant in Germany.
6 3711 1998 Daewoo hopes to appeal to college students in several ways. Its prices, on average, are less than those for competitive models from Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. All new Daewoos come with free routine maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles, something not found in any other low-priced car.
7 3711 2006 As gas prices rose, General Motors offered Midwestern car buyers $1000 of free fuel on vehicles that use E85, an ethanol and gasoline blend.
8 3716 2002 One of Monaco Coach's strategies is its focus on quality and not on the price. They focused on the products which allowed them to avoid having to give as much discount. In response to the industry's recession, Monaco increased is rollouts of new models and floor plans. They came up with new promotions to help dealers move vehicles. When higher gas prices made customers balk, the corporation fronted $1,000 worth of free gas as part of the deal.
9 4512 1986 Two people traveling together to Europe on Pan Am by July 15 also are getting a free rental car for a week. TWA matched the offer for full-fare customers and threw in a week's hotel stay in Europe.
10 4812 1996 Fast growing (30-50%/yr), although demand has slowed in US, and host of new competition in cellular due to deregulation. Big providers practically giving away phones to sign up service. Avg wholesale price of phone product has fallen from $518 to $136 in 5 yrs. Nokia does not pioneer technology, the company "just tries to give the customer what they want" like Dallas Cowboy phones & designer phone accessories in neon colors. Saves $ on R&D.
11 4812 2003 The difference in price in cell phones can be dramatic. Phones cost anywhere from $20 to $400. Often, phones are free to consumers when they sign up for a cell phone service plan.
12 5900 2008 Inc., shaking off concerns that the slumping economy is hurting the Web retailer's business, reported that its second-quarter profit doubled on a 41% revenue increase, and raised its sales forecast for the year. The company's aggressive discounting and free-shipping programs helped lure shoppers who have grown increasingly cautious about their spending. Sales of books, music, and movies grew 31% to $2.41 billion. Its electronics and other general merchandise businesses rose 58% to $1.53 billion.
13 5942 2002 Amazon credits free shipping as a key factor in boosting its growth, Third-quarter revenue jumped 33% to $851 million from a year ago. Amazon expects to generate positive free cash flow for the full year. The company achieved this in 1998, with free cash flow for the full year. The company achieved this in 1998, with free cash flow of $3 million.
14 5961 1995 L. L. Bean is offering some customers free shipping on orders placed by Nov. 19.
15 5999 2002 Overstock attracts customers with its standard shipping fee of $2.95 on each order. Amazon charges shipping on all orders under $25.
16 7011 1990 Campton Place and other hotels also are throwing in baskets of fruit, champagne and other goodies to attract customers.
17 7011 2006 Why do cheap and midprice hotels often provide wireless free while expensive hotels charge for it? Midprice hotels are usually in newer buildings which can be easily set up for wireless while more expensive hotels in older buildings have to raise the capital. Business travelers, the main consumers of Wi-Fi, usually stay in midprice hotels so operators can justify the cost with room sales.
18 7375 2004 AOL's biggest competitors are not disclosing plans to match the offering of free virus software. Microsoft's MSN includes antiviral protection in a $9.50 a month service that also includes pop-up advertising blocks and parental controls. Earth Link Inc., sells Symantec Corp.'s antivirus software to its subscribers for $3.95 a month.
19 7514 2008 Hoping to keep wallet-conscious road trippers behind the wheel, car-rental agencies are offering a series of gas discounts that allow customers to snag a tank for well below the national average of $3.94 a gallon. Many Hertz locations are offering one free tank of gas. AAA members can even claim the deal in conjunction with their regular club discount.
20 7999 2008 As the recession begins taking a toll on the ski industry, resort operators are offering a flurry of discounts they hope will draw more visitors. Colorado's Aspen/Snowmass ski area announced a deal last week that allows children to fly free on Frontier Airlines and get free lift tickets if accompanied by a paying adult.

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