Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 2000 2008 Nestle, has instigated "nuclear" pricing actions to the detriment of profitability in the category. This refers to Nestle's 10 frozen meals for $10 promotions.
2 2082 1991 Price Leader brews are often packaged in large quantities such as 12-packs and cases for volume drinkers.
3 2111 1992 Philip Morris is trying to increase sales by offering five-pack cartons of Marlboros, an industry first.
4 2393 1986 Instead of cutting prices when sales of cosmetics organizers began to fall off, Pretty Neat bundled a new version with the old one, advertised savings on the two, and they sold like crazy.
5 2721 1989 To keep circulation up, Time has been pushing short-term subscriptions. The reason has to do with direct-mail marketing, where low price is more important than value. 22-week subscription at $17.39 easier sell than a full year subscription.
6 3571 2002 Hewlett-Packard will retain its market share leadership by bundling PCs with other products and services for companies, by competing on price, and by innovating for consumers.
7 3711 1992 Ford has a "one-price" marketing strategy for its new Escort models. It's offering 4 moderately equipped versions of its Escort–a station wagon, sedan, and 3-door and 5-door hatchbacks for $9,999, several hundred dollars lower than previous models.
8 3861 1998 By cutting prices as much as 50% on multiple-roll film packs, selling 4 rolls for $4.99 at K-Mart, Fuji surprised Kodak's CEO and helped stall the turnaround the CEO launched in 1993.
9 4011 1997 Deutsche Bahn (a railroad) introduced BahnCard. It costs $300/year, and earns customers a 50% discount on each trip. (Volume and profits up.)
10 4724 2001 Expedia Inc. is offering package deals that combine cheap hotel rooms and other services with discount air tickets. Packaged online vacations typically have fixed prices and are supplied by third-party firms.
11 4812 2002 Subscribers in family plans share a bucket of minutes but have separate cell phone numbers. Most family plans have two people, but they can include four or five.
12 4833 1989 NBC changes its affiliate compensation structure to tie 50% of that compensation to the size of the lead-in audience (4 to 8pm non-network programming) the affiliate brings in to the prime time period (8 to 11pm).
13 4899 2002 United is selling two broadband packages, one includes unlimited dial-up service for $44.90 a month and the other is with 10 free hours of dial-up service for $39.95 a month.
14 5735 2002 Virgin, working with music labels, this month is offering three CDs for $25, from a selection of about 600 older titles.
15 5812 1991 McD's hiked prices faster than inflation through the second half of the 1980s. Current CEO's first big move has been to reverse high pricing with a new "value menu."
16 6211 2004 Schwab was already offering the $9.95 rate to active traders using its CT trading platform. Schwab is also cutting the fee for making an automated trade by phone to $29.95 per trade for up to 1,000 shares, plus 3 cents for each additional share. The curre
17 6552 2006 Destination clubs allow members to stay in a luxurious home with less financial investment and responsibility. They provide the right to vacation at the various homes and condos. 2000 Exclusive Resorts members share access to 300 homes at 40 resorts world
18 7372 2000 The ideal customer of an ASP (application service provider) is a company that lives without company specific modifications. Usually, these are small companies.
19 7996 2004 As part of an ongoing program, a group of five rival attractions in California, including Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, have teamed up to let a company called City Pass sell joint passes that amount to a steep discount off the usual asking prices.
20 8000 1987 Dentists working for group practice Consumer Dental Offices agree to charge about 40% less than typical rates for their services in return for more patients.

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