Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


2. Retain Customers

Match competitive prices

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2834 2008 Britain's state-run health service agreed to pay for the lung-cancer drug Tarceva after the maker, Roche Holding, matched the price of an older, less-expensive drug. Initially it was too expensive to be made available to patients. Tarceva worked out to be
2 3571 2001 Dell Computer, which rocketed to the top of the PC market with its custom made PCs, is expected to unveil a prebuilt PC designed to compete with off-the-shelf models sold in retail stores.
3 4813 1993 With MCI's new discount collect-calling service attracting customers, AT&T began pushing a rival service at the same price. AT&T holds 75% of collect call market; MCI holds about 5% to 7%. Sprint and others hold the rest.
4 5942 2000 There is little to differentiate books so Amazon and had to compete on price, which means online books sell for as much as 30% less than those on store shelves.
5 7513 1991 U-Haul cut prices, gaining market share from Ryder. Ryder plans to fight back with price discounts of up to 30% in some markets.

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