Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


2. Retain Customers

Narrow price differences with competition

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2111 1992 Last March RJR cut the price on its Magna and Sterling brands 30% to stem the erosion in market share.
2 3711 2004 Manufacturers are starting to offer low-rate financing for certified vehicles, a response to the realities of the incentive-laden new car market.
3 4813 2007 AT&T raised prices on many calling features for California residents. Rival Comcast offers up to 12 calling features at no additional charge to customers who subscribe to the $33 monthly digital voice service.
4 5331 2008 Retail price wars start early for Christmas toy sales. Amazon and the individual toy sellers it promotes match Wal-Mart's low prices, but the discounts were offset by shipping charges.
5 6321 2009 Only Progressive gives you the option to name your price. They say that if you tell them what you want to pay, they will build you a policy to fit your budget.

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