Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


C. Competitor Supplier Segment

Occasion Segment

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2840 1992 In forward buying, supermarkets pounce on special wholesale deals & stock up on far more merchandise than they plan to sell during the promotion. Later, they get a wider margin by selling goods at reg. price. Or they sell it to other retailers.
2 3577 2005 Trying to stoke sales of it $199 PictureMate photo printer, Epson launched a promotion featuring a $50 rebate off the product. It teamed with camera maker Nikon to offer an additional $100 off if a consumer bought a Nikon digital camera at the same time.
3 5999 2004 At Restoration Hardware, which has done little discounting so far, customers will get 20% off their entire purchase on Dec. 5 and 6.
4 6020 2001 Charter One has reduced fees for regular check bouncers in order to retain these customers who may someday be more dependable or affluent. The bank feels that these customers are not deadbeats but young adults learning to manage their money.
5 7900 2009 Northstar at Tahoe offered $40 Earth Day's two-pack, which saved the skier $118. This pass allowed the skier to ski on April 18 & 19 only for the price of $40 per day. $5 of each pak will go towards a Green Tag purchase to offset carbon emissions.

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