Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


C. Competitive Supplier Segments

Performance Perception Segment

No. SIC Year Notes
1 3571 2003 The latest Palm device has a faster processor and 8 MG of memory, games, a shopping list and other software. The original Zire drops in price to $79, down $20, and will be gradually phased out.
2 4833 1997 Ad rates on network TV are an average of 25% higher for broadcast than for cable, even when the programming reaches exactly the same number of viewers.
3 5735 2009 New online-music rivals have also emerged, including Inc., which sells many songs at a cheaper price than iTunes and without copy protection, giving users more freedom with the songs they have purchased.
4 6021 2005 Last month, Commerce Bancorp said it will reimburse fees for use of out of network automated-teller machines for customers with more than $2,500 in their accounts. This was in response to customer criticism over Commerce's limited ATM network.
5 7372 1998 Corel sells office suites for about half the price of Microsoft, and allows free copies for people who take work home.

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