Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


A. Product Purchased Segments

Product System Component Segment

No. SIC Year Notes
1 3571 2001 Today's aggressive promotions and price cuts – $400 instant rebates, free shipping, free printers and free Internet access abound – come after steady long-term price drops, in part because of cheaper components.
2 4512 2008 Frequent flier programs are being changed. As Delta merged with Northwest Airlines, it has made consumer-friendly choices in rules for a combined frequent-flier program. Delta has eliminated the fuel surcharges on frequent-flier tickets.
3 5411 2004 Closer to downtown, HEB's stores face more competition for lower-income customers. There, HEB has found that pricing products by the piece, instead of by the pound, produces better sales from buyers who come in with just $20 in their hands.
4 5999 2002 Overstock attracts customers with its standard shipping fee of $2.95 on each order. Amazon charges shipping on all orders under $25.
5 6513 2005 AvalonBay Communities, an apartment real-estate investment trust controlling 148 properties believes allowing credit cards is worth it even at a low usage rate because accepting cards gives their properties a competitive advantage.

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