Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins


C. Competitive Supplier Segments

Public Relations Segment

No. SIC Year Notes
1 2834 2007 In the U.S., Genentech capped the price of its cancer drug Avastin at $55,000 annually. Patients often stay on the drug for long time. The drug has healthy margins which allows the company to cut costs for the patients.
2 3711 1990 BMW is sending certificates to last year's buyers, good for half the price cut now, to customers who bought those cars between Jan 1988 and September 1989.
3 4512 2005 Independence Air's fare, $79 one way or $100 with all the taxes from the Bay Area to Dulles was irresistible. And it made a startling promise to customers: "If your checked bag doesn't arrive at your final destination when you do, your flight is on us."
4 5541 1990 Since the invasion of Kuwait 11 weeks ago, the price of gasoline at the pump hasn't risen as fast as the price paid to refiners. Because big companies are heeding Pres. Bush's warning to restrain prices. Hold sensitive prices down.
5 8221 1995 George Washington University gives more than half its 5500 full-time students discounts in the form of cash grants; just 5 years ago, only one in 7 received grants.

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