Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 1411 2000 The opportunity to meet or release was one of the ways we were securing these long-term contracts in the hostile market where pricing was dropping. Generally, the customer needed some way to benefit if the market continued to drop.
2 3221 1993 Anchor matched discounts even if it meant sacrificing profits. In 1983, Owens-Illinois reduced prices by up to 15% to large customers to try to push Anchor out. Anchor met O-I's price even through it meant the company would suffer losses for the year.
3 3221 1993 Ball had policy of matching like-competitors discounts. They would not meet the discounts of price shavers like Midland and Thatcher. Ball never led prices up or down. "We were too small to have any leverage on industry prices."
4 4724 2002 The top online sites are:,, and These are all growing very quickly. In response Six Continents, a hotel company launched a program under which it guaranteed to beat any price a customer found on other web sites if the guest booked the room with the hotel's online service. Star Wood and Sheraton also set that condition but there is little evidence that these programs have helped draw more sales.
5 5141 1997 Furr's submitted to Fleming a qualified competitive bid by a competing food wholesaler. Under the terms of the supply contract, if Furr's submits a qualified bid from another supplier to provide a comparable range of products at prices lower than those charged by Fleming (by more than a stated percentage) Fleming can either lower its prices to within the agreed percentage over the competing bid or allow Furr's to accept the competitor's bid .
6 5731 1987 The Good Guys changed its price strategy in the last 5-6 weeks, bringing prices into the discount range rather than having customers haggle over price or wait to put goods on sale. It just instituted a 30-day lowest-price guarantee and return policy.
7 5900 2003 In retail markets, especially those focusing on electronics and hardware, price matching is a common way to build the trust of the consumer. Tweeter, a New England consumer electronic retailer, guarantees customers the lowest price. If a competitor offers a lower price, any customer who spent more in the last 30 days will be automatically sent a refund of the difference.

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