Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 4131 1993 Greyhound has introduced deep-discount fares, including "Go Easy Fares," which offer discounts of up to 50% for tickets purchased 21 days in advance.
2 4512 1987 American to increase its benchmark supersaver fare by $20 each way, add a new non-refundable 30-day advance purchase fare that would be $20 cheaper than the supersaver, and eliminate the industry's cheaper fare level.
3 4800 2001 OmniSky offers unlimited access for $40 a month. The service costs $33 a month if you pay a year in advance.
4 5541 2006 The discount dynasty in Wyoming, run by the Call family, keeps the gasoline cheap. In May 2004, iFuel opened for business, charging 10 cents a gallon less than other discounters. iFuel would operate by automated kiosks, cutting costs by having motorists use the Internet to pay with bank transfers. Its main rivals, Flying J and Maverick, at first lowered their prices to compete. Then they discovered that wasn't necessary because Evanston residents didn't seem to be flocking to the new cut-rate station. For the first six months, iFuel sold just 800 or 900 gallons a day, less than half its break-even level. Many town residents weren't yet on the Internet, and they appeared baffled by the station's sign, emblazoned with the company Web address.
5 5999 2004 Online photography sites like Snapfish, the online arm of District Photo Inc., and closely held Shutterfly Inc. will print digital photos for 29 cents or less – under 20 cents for those who prepay – and mail them to customers in a day or two.
6 7011 1986 Days Inns offers "supersaver" discounts. Guests pay $19 to $29 if they make reservations 30 days in advance.
7 7514 2005 In an effort to reduce the number of no-shows and the resulting financial loss, car-rental firms are introducing various techniques to ensure that customers claim their cars. Alamo Rent-a-Car offers a prepayment program which offers online customers who pay at the time of reservation a 10% discount. Those who cancel within 24-hours or fail to show up will pay a $25 penalty while those who cancel before that period will pay $10.
8 7999 2009 Squaw Valley will announce its plans to slash the cost of its season pass by nearly $1,000. It's somewhat of an experiment, and there are unknown repercussions on slope traffic, but the recession and the celebration of two key anniversaries at Squaw make this the right time to do it. An adult full season pass at Squaw used to cost $1,449 if bought by July, $1,549 is bought by September, and $1,889 afterward. The new prices will be $369 Bronze pass (most blackout dates), $469 Silver pass (fewer blackouts), and $949 Gold pass (unrestricted)

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