Reduce Price to Improve Revenues and Margins




No. SIC Year Notes
1 1623 2000 Insituform would price its services more aggressively, hoping to entice local governments to schedule for January and February work normally penciled in for spring and summer. That way Insituform could keep its crews, usually idle in those cold months busy
2 3571 2001 PC makers that sell through stores or other distributors have been heavily discounting to move their computers out of warehouses after an inventory glut due to slack holiday sales.
3 4512 1986 Continental offers $65 cross-country fares for people at least 65 years old who travel on Tuesday and Wednesday on Continental through March 5.
4 4512 1991 The Trump Shuttle slashed fares by more than 1/2 for travel during off-peak hours, in a move aimed at grabbing a bigger stake of the summer travel business.
5 4512 1991 Last October, Trump first introduced advance-purchase (lower) fares for weekend travel only.
6 4512 2003 Delta Air Lines launched a sale for U.S. domestic and Canada fares and rival carriers matched on many competing routes. The carrier reports sale fares are down 20% compared to the lowest no sale fare in those markets. Business has slowed as families are not traveling as much now that school is in session, thus leaving carriers relying on business travel.
7 4522 2006 In response to increasing demand, companies which offer fractional ownership of private jets are offering incentives to reduce the risk of overbooking. OneSky Jets offers $100,000 prepaid cards which promise discounts for travelers who fly on less-busy days.
8 4813 1997 Sprint's dime-a-minute plan charges just 10 cents a minute for long-distance calls on nights and weekends and 25 cents a minute on weekdays.
9 5311 1991 JCPenney has a promotion where the customer can save 25% on all regularly priced items purchased during one shopping day, from April 7 through April 20.
10 7011 1990 Campton Place is offering a low weekend rate of $180 a night, or 28% below the $250 base rate normally charged.
11 7011 1990 To fill more rooms, the Mark Hopkins reduced rates 43% to $99 for a limited number of rooms during Jan and Feb. It's also offering discounts for March through May.
12 7514 1992 About 80% of auto rental customers hold airline tickets, according to industry estimates. Recent price cuts by Hertz and Alamo targeted vacation travelers (over the weekend).
13 7900 1986 Photon has weeknight leagues whose players get discounts.
14 7900 2009 Northstar at Tahoe offered a $49 TGI Thursday ticket. This was a savings of $30. For $49 the skier could ski on April 9 and 16 only for $49 per day.
15 7941 2008 To fill more seats the Giants plan to test a variable pricing plan in 2009 that will turn 2,000 tickets for each game into a commodity such as airline tickets or stocks, whose prices could rise or fall daily based on demand. Like most teams the Giants already vary prices on the same seat for different games. An April weeknight game against the Marlins will be cheaper than a September weekend game against the Dodgers. Instead of permanently setting ticket prices, the team might alter them as often as once a day. Using an algorithm a computer will report on demand and suggest higher or lower prices. This airline-style pricing experiment will only cover a small portion of seats, that largely go unsold.
16 7996 1998 Both Sea World and Universal have off-season discounts for state residents.
17 9311 2002 In New York, where the Port Authority imposed a greater toll for drivers using the bridges and tunnels into Manhattan during rush hour, drivers using E-ZPass pay $5 at peak times and $4 at all other times, while those paying cash always pay $6. A higher peak toll could reduce traffic and send more drivers scurrying to commuter rail or subway trains.
18 9311 2002 San Diego changed two nearly empty carpool lanes on Interstate 15 to toll lanes. The toll, levied automatically via a radio transponder, like the E-ZPass badges used on Northeast highways, can change as often as every seven minutes, with a charge of between 25 cents and $8 per trip, depending on how crowded the lanes are at that time. A recent poll showed that drivers think the special toll lanes save them 15 to 45 minutes per trip, but they actually save them only 15 to 20 minutes. San Diego is using its $1.8 million in annual toll revenues to fund an express bus line.
19 9311 2002 In 1975, Singapore started charging for access at peak times, a move that cut downtown traffic by 40%. North of Paris, highway A1 sports a higher toll on Sunday evenings as Parisians stream back from their weekend homes. London is now starting a daily licensing fee for motorists in its crowded central city.
20 9311 2002 In Fort Myers, Fla. two bridges connecting downtown to the suburb of Cape Coral give half-price discounts to drivers traveling just before and just after off-peak hours. Thanks to a $400,000 marketing campaign by the county government, 70% of residents approve of the toll scheme, which cost $15 million. Traffic officials are now courageously considering putting taxpayer money into a network of toll ramps that leapfrog over the area's most crowded intersections.

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