Final Customer Purchasing from an Intermediary of the Product

Acquire Steps: Acquire steps include all activities the customer completes preceding the purchase of the product. These steps include the customer's efforts needed to identify and evaluate Intermediaries and travel to the Intermediary location.

Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

Time: Reduce the time the customer must spend with the product

A. Reduce steps the customer must use with the product.

Bring products closer to the customer
Target your products on markets with limited competition from the leading industry competitors

Target customers who purchase in small quantities

No. Year SIC Note
1 1998 5331 Dollar sells basics at prices competitive with Wal-Mart. But its stores are much smaller and closer to the center of town.
2 2001 5331 BJ's Wholesale Club Inc., the smallest of the three major warehouse club players, has carved a distinctive reputation in the industry. While nearly 60% of Costco's customers are small business, BJ's targets consumers.
3 2003 5521 America's Car-Mart Inc., a used car company with a unique "Buy Here, Pay Here" strategy, sells primarily to customers with bad credit who are unable to purchase vehicles from a regular dealer. The customers then pay a higher interest rate (19%). Stores are concentrated in rural areas, where customers who default are easier to track down, they also center their stores around Wal-Mart distribution centers to bring in business.
4 2001 5621 The little-known but fast-growing retailer cultivates women of a certain age, avoirdupois and asset level with stylish private-label clothing that comes in just a few nonjudgmental sizes: zero, one and three.
5 2004 5712 Aaron Rents runs 840 rent-to-own stores stocked with furniture, consumer electronics, and home appliances. It also has 60 furniture rental stores. Aaron targets customers who have a hard time buying home furnishings, either because they can't afford it or don't qualify for credit.
6 1999 5734 Savoir Technology Group was a wholesaler excluded from direct dealings with Compaq. But Savoir continues to buy Compaq computers from other wholesalers and manages to make money on them.
7 2001 5942 Independent bookstores have all carved out niches. R.J. Julia Booksellers focuses on New England and the store owner's tastes. She looks at the 50,000 new books published each year and cuts the number down to 15,000.
8 2003 5942 Book Baron manages to compete in the book retail industry with flashy giants like Barnes & Nobles, convenient online sites like, and the over 12,000 specialty bookstores. It is one of the nation's 10 great used-book stores according to USA Today.
9 2004 6021 Private banks such as Boston Private specialize in personalized service including house calls and individual attention to trust funds. Such banking is not limited to the extremely wealthy, as many of the banks welcome people with household incomes of $150,000 a year as long as there is room for their income and assets to grow.
10 1987 6100 Venture capitalists rarely consider entrepreneurs looking for less than $1m. Computer-based Venture Capital Connection maintains 2 national databases to match investors and entrepreneurs looking for less than $750,000.
11 2001 6141 Providian Financial is the #5 credit card issuer in the U.S. Back in 1991, it decided to provide credit to people with damaged or no credit (10% of the population). This brought in more users and improved Providian's database.
12 2003 6141 New Century Financial Corporation lends to homeowners who cannot qualify for conventional loans thus letting them consolidate their debt and refinance their mortgage.
13 2005 6331 Philadelphia Consolidated Holding insurer has more than a dozen specialty fields. It covers nonprofit firms, day care sites, mental health facilities and a host of others that take special care.
14 2005 7841 While Netflix battles Blockbuster and Wal-Mart Stores for mainstream movie fans, other services that rent or sell DVDs have sprung up to serve moviegoers with specific tastes.
15 2005 7841 GreenCline specializes in non-mainstream flicks. Its rental catalog has grown to more than 25,000 titles, The site tells would-be subscribers its selection focuses on "independent, art house, classics, foreign documentary, anime and Asia cinema."

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