Examples: We offer brief write-ups for each method describing a situation where the idea is used or implied. Use these supporting examples in order to expand your range of ideas. These examples are neither mutually exclusive nor collectively exhaustive.

A Final customer buying from an Intermediary. Each of these costs represent steps an Final or end user customer must take in connection with the product purchased from an Intermediary supplier:

4. Dispose Steps: Dispose steps include all activities required to eliminate the product from the customer's premises. These steps include the costs for removal and final disposition of the product.

  1. Knowledge: Add knowledge Examples >>

  2. Resources: Reduce resources required for the use of the product

    1. Money – Reduce the money the customer uses with the product. For more ideas on using pricing, please see the Improve/Pricing section of StrategyStreet Examples >>

    2. Time – Reduce the time the customer must spend with the product Examples >>

  3. Experience: Enhance the experience the customer has with the product

    1. Increase the customer’s sense of security with the product

      1. Your investment is safe Examples >>

      2. Your person is safe Examples >>

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