Final Customer Purchasing from an Intermediary of the Product

Use Steps: Use steps include all the Final customer's activities to find the appropriate product category at the Intermediary, to choose among the alternatives to the product and to take delivery of the product.

Experience: Enhance the experience the customer has with the product

Increase the customer’s sense of security with the product

D. Your person is safe

Remove sources of anxiety

No. Year SIC Note
1 2001 5411 Whole Foods encourages its employees to experiment with new ideas and engage with customers.
2 2001 5621 The little-known but fast-growing retailer cultivates women of a certain age, avoirdupois and asset level with stylish private-label clothing that comes in just a few nonjudgmental sizes: zero, one and three.
3 2001 5621 Chico's uses a different sizing scale with smaller numbers to make their customers more at ease while offering comfortable and stylish clothing. All their clothing is private label.
4 2001 5621 The little-known but fast-growing retailer cultivates women of a certain age, avoirdupois and asset level with stylish private-label clothing that comes in just a few nonjudgmental sizes: zero, one and three.
5 2003 5621 Talbots has dominated the market by offering plus and extending sizes, using liberal fit dimensions that "deflate" sizes making customers feel "skinnier."
6 2004 5735 The major labels began licensing music to a bevy of legal download services, starting with the iTunes site of Apple Computer. Wide online availability, along with the threat of legal action against pirates, convinced music fans to buy over 30 million downloads last year.
7 1989 5900 Goldblatt's hires neighborhood people: one woman from Mexico goes there because they speak her language. Stock goods poor people need specifically: for example space heaters because apartments lack adequate heating.
8 1997 5900 Discounters make the emotion-laden purchase of a casket more like other retail. You can shop in a showroom, call an 800 number or order on the Internet. Many companies offer 24-hour delivery.
9 2002 5941 Dick's Sporting Goods has carved out a good slice of a highly competitive market that includes rivals like Sports Authority Inc. and Galyan's Trading Co. by appealing to the serious sportsperson.
10 2003 5999 Petsmart turned some of its larger warehouses into stores with pet hotels comparable to the Four Seasons for animals with a computerized reservation system, room service, playtime activities and an on-site veterinarian.
11 2000 6141 American Express is seeking a broader audience with its four-month old Blue credit card. It has an introductory 0% rate for six months, a regular rate of just 9.99% and no annual fee. AmEx equips Blue with computer chips aimed at helping do business online. Its core market is younger people who want to "feel secure in shopping both the physical world and the interactive world."
12 2000 6141 American Express is taking a minimalist approach to chip technology in its "smart card," Blue, using it for online security purposes only. The onboard silicon stores a digital certificate of authenticity with a unique code number for each card. For traditional off-line commerce, Blue has a standard magnetic stripe that can be read at existing point-of-sale terminals. When engaging in e-commerce, a Blue Card member can employ the smart card as a non-duplicative electronic key to an e-wallet, an Amex data repository that expedites e-shopping by downloading secure personal data to more than 100 compatible online merchants to conclude a sale. Activation and use of the chip requires a $25 smart card reader that plugs into a Blue Card member's PC.
13 2004 6411 Stifel Financial hires independent brokers. "We don't tell brokers what to do or what to sell. We have people calling us for brokerage jobs. We don't advertise. We consider the broker as our brand." Employees own over 50% of the firm.
14 2000 7375 and, two of the Web's best-known shopping search engines, both offer user reviews-mySimon from its own customers and DealTime via links to Both do well at reassuring customers about the relatively unknown stores whose prices they present. They accompany each price quote with the store's rating from Gomez Advisors, which assesses e-store reliability.
15 2003 7375 The Internet is loaded with information about vehicles. In a matter of minutes you can learn about a car's dimensions, color choices, upgrade packages and price, and compare it with other models-free of the sales pressure of a showroom.
16 2004 7375 One element that makes MSN worth $9.95 a month is parental controls which keep kids away from nasty things online. MSN premium offers a generous allowance for e-mail attachments. Many email services limit attachments to a few megabytes, but MSN premium allows attachments of up to 10 megabytes for the main account holder
17 2004 7375 Competitors Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN allow sponsors to dictate search results. Ads at Google are clearly labeled and easily distinguished from the results while MSN and Yahoo's are not always clearly labeled.
18 2004 7800 Disney's Dream Desk PC is loaded with Disney content and parental controls, ensured to both entice and reassure parents. The computer comes with a built-in Internet-filtering software that gives parents complete control over what their children have access to from the moment they switch it on. Disney contracted with Medion AG, a German electronics maker, to produce the hardware and handle the distribution of the product. The relatively powerful off-the-shelf system comes with a 2.6GHz Intel Celeron D processor and a 40 gigabyte hard drive running Microsoft Windows XP.
19 2005 7822 selects the movie for its customers. It selects four films per month to be sent to its subscribers. Its customers buy the movies. The firm isn't interested in renting movies. "People can just about do that anywhere."

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