Final Customer Purchasing from an Intermediary of the Product

Use Steps: Use steps include all the Final customer's activities to find the appropriate product category at the Intermediary, to choose among the alternatives to the product and to take delivery of the product.

Experience: Enhance the experience the customer has with the product

Increase the customer’s sense of security with the product

Your person is safe

Provide better than expected ambiance

No. Year SIC Note
1 1990 5311 Ross is improving its image, with nicer displays and more employee attendants.
2 2003 5399 CEO of the 99cent chain stores, says his is the oldest existing single-price chain in the country, does discount differently. His stores are immaculate, bright, and the size of small supermarkets.
3 1993 5599 Satellite service center gives convenience through location, good waiting areas, complimentary cab rides. Auto mall offers extras like beepers to communicate with technicians, no-haggle pricing.
4 2001 5621 Chico's wins converts by showering promotions and perks on the customer. "She" becomes a Passport Club member entitled to a permanent 5% discount when she reaches $500 in purchases. Passports are responsible for about half of all Chico's sales. It also aims to pull these busy women into its stores through constant catalog mailings, discounts, camaraderie and plain old legwork. Sales staffers flit around stores, assembling armloads of outfits for the shopper to try.
5 2002 5945 FAO Schwarz offers services such as personal shoppers, free gift wrapping, a well-versed sales staff and life-size toy characters walking around its stores. To pay for these premium services, FAO's prices average 0-15% above those of its competitors.
6 2001 6021 After years of directing customers to ATM's and closing branches, new federal regulations that allow banks to sell insurance and other services are leading to a resurgence of the bank branch. Corporations are putting in extra touches most often found in retail environments like the Gap and Nordstrom to woo back the customers that they once ignored. Washington Mutual is leading this charge, with concierges, a casual atmosphere, kitschy products and books about financial issues. Children play areas keep kids entertained as parents complete their transactions.
7 2003 6036 Washington Mutual branch banks feature bright window displays, a smiling concierge, and colorful interior. What started as a tiny Seattle thrift bank has grown into a $268 billion banking giant in under 10 years.
8 2003 6512 The Serramonte Center mall in Daly City, California, has instituted a $3.5 million makeover resulting in "retail therapy." The now updated mall features a koi pond with live turtles and a surrounding comfortable seating area with a skylight. The mall will also have a local Tai Chi master leading free classes beside the koi pond on weekends. The features are meant to create a more calming and relaxed shopping environment intended to entice shoppers into longer stays.
9 2003 6512 Shopping malls are offering a number of extra customer services including concierges that carry bags, push strollers and make restaurant reservations and some concierge services also come in a variety of languages.
10 2003 6512 Macerich Company, a mall owner, is beginning to hire "guest-service specialists," who rove malls to spread a feeling of warmth and comfort, hugging customers, kissing babies, offering gift advice, escorting shoppers, and breaking up fights among teens.
11 2003 6512 Westfield Holdings mall owner is spending large amounts on improving its customer service, spending on bathrooms, lounges and salary increases for customer-service representatives. The company even plans to offer a holiday season coat and package check.
12 2003 6512 General Growth Properties, America's second-largest mall owner (with 127 malls) is adding restroom attendants and hiring off-duty police officers to direct traffic in parking lots as well as "Santa pagers" during the holidays to page a shopper when Santa's lap is free.
13 2004 6512 Coventry Mall, located in Pottstown, Pa., has undergone a number of changes to try and increase its value. A food court was installed and stores were encouraged to spruce up their visuals to make visitors feel like they were in a higher-class mall. Faltering stores were forced out, sometimes by bringing in a more successful competitor right next door. Getting undesirable tenants out is more important than physical renovations. While the mall doesn't look much different from a few years ago, shoppers are spending more. Vacancies are 6%, while sales per square foot are $330, above the national average, from $240 before the make-over.
14 2001 7832 Many customers admire Muvico's Egyptian style theatres while enjoying their services such as optional valet parking and a nursery that rivals don’t offer. "Muvico has raised the bar on the cost of building theaters to a level not mirrored by others. Muvico's total revenue will reach $120 million this year, up from $57 million last year.
15 2001 7832 Bert Claeys built a Kinepolis, a mammoth theater complex that projected a number of titles onto gargantuan screens with state-of-the-art visual and sound systems. It provided stadium-sloped, extra-wide aisles of armchairs. Kinepolis matched the comforts of watching a movie at home but radically improved its audiovisual effects. In its first year of operation, Kinepolis single-handedly expanded the Brussels movie-going market by 40% and captured half of it.
16 2004 7832 Kinepolis movie theatres in Belgium reversed the downward economic trend of movie going in the country by offering movie-goers a radically superior experience. Kinepolis won 50% of the market in Brussels in its first year and expanded the market by about 40%. Kinepolis movie theatres were able to be successful because they offered larger screens, more leg room, and a greater slope for the chairs in order to ensure that everyone had an unobstructed view of the screen.

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